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ARICENT Interview Experience - Panipat, January 17, 2015
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Hello friends,

I am saurabh. I always prepared the IndiaBix papers before appearing any company. I am ECE 2014 pass out student.

Aricent came to the PIET, haryana on 17th jan. I went there and attended the online test at 12PM. There were some sections of the respective module and it was through aspiringminds amcat pattern. For ece I remember, there was a separate module named semiconductor and ic (bit typical questions on op-amp numericals, data sufficiency type on ece topics, 1 question was to determine the gate from the diagram using NMOS and PMOS) , other modules were based on data structure {mainly all the searches (like binary) , linked list, sorting and there were C++ output type questions as well.

Verbal and quantitative were moderate but even fine. Time management is must. Since there was no negative marking so I suggest you not to leave any question un attempted.

My friends, you try to attempt all (in case no time use your old "tukka or guess" but with mind).


I guess 300 students were there and 143 shortlisted for the technical round. This was the main mind drilling round for everyone. If you are from IT/CS, they will grill you whole in programming (most focus on data structure programming). Interviewer were very choosy and selective. I was asked to introduce myself at very first stage.

Questions were like :

1. Write the program of the stack, queue.

2. Different type of sorting programs and also, you must know.

3. As I\'m from ECE, I was asked computer networking. TCP/IP, addressing, masking.

4. The most important question is my friends : difference between switches hub, router etc.

5. He again asked me that it seems your fav sub is networking (I was afraid and shook head YES sir).

Then started questions,

Circuit switching, packet switching, classes of ip addresses, What is ip address?

Can we assign same ip to two different location. What is mac address ? I was confident.

GUYS if you want to crack technical Please remember one thing, always be 101 % confident no matter you are wrong. And try to explain more to show your knowledge.

He asked me difference b/w microcontroller and microprocessor?

I told very nicely with confidence and also told the cost matters, advantage, disadvantages etc.

He said perfect :).

Guys you know try to deliver those words in your interview so that the question may be asked by the interviewer from your answer.

He asked me that you know there are some general purpose pins in microprocessor by which we can do anything like glowing led etc, what is that.

I told sir, those are the port pins. The 8085 has general purpose registers. Now the next question was from my answer. Ok what are general purpose reg. I was waiting for that :).

Next, program counter ?


They will surely give you a program to write. I wrote in C++. That was easy as ECE.

Binary of five in 8 bits?

I told 00000101.

Now, write a prog to revert the bits.

I attempted that with smile and confidence.

I explained things with the help of example (daily life ex.of stack and queue).

They asked class, what are the private, public.

What is encapsulation.

Friend functions.

Union & structure.

Virtual base class.

Abstract class.

Destructor and constructor.

How we allocate memory in C.

What will happen if allocate memo through malloc in C and delete through delete in C++. ?

How to differentiate b/w C and C++ comments (/* */) ?

What is extern?

What is static ?

Bit about project. Just application. OVerall, they laughed and appreciated my daily life examples to understand things.

They asked me any query ?

I said. (after 25 seconds) no query.

Again they both laughed. It was nearly 1 hr interview,

I was announced to wait for the HR round. I never expected that this is my day. It was a gala day for me. Most of the students were unable to crack technical. Remember my friends, always call your god (it is your choice only) before any round. I called BALA JI and sunny dev and promised to come over there in Rajasthan if I get selected. I succeeded. They helped me a lot :).

I was rejected through IBM, ACCENTURE, INFOSYS, COGNIZANT but finally got 3.5LPA package.


It was just a formality guys.

Introduce yourself?

Why Aricent?

Why you did not get selected in your college ?

Any question ? (she asked).

I asked job location (sign of confidence that you are selected from myside :).

Finally 33 students were there. I was one of them. I am very happy. I got my offer letter on 30 january 12Pm.

I cracked, Now it is your job my friends, go and grab that. That is only for you guys. Aspirants are always welcome.

I hope this will help you.
May gold help you, friends!
Thank you so much.