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Aricent Placement Paper - Delhi, 9 Oct 2014
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Aricent visited our campus.

Their procedure was:

1) 1 Written exam.
2) 1 Technical interview.
3) 1 HR.

Written exam was totally AMCAT pattern.

It was actually AMCAT only.

Technical interview :

Q. Write a hello world program in C?
Q. What is getch()?
Q. What is conio.h, why we use it?
Q. What is printf()?
Q. Write a C program to insert a node in link list?
Q. Write a push() and pop() implementation using linked list in C.
Q. Little bit DBMS, but i didn\'t know it.
Q. How to display all the rows of the table (SQL query)?
Q. What is ethernet card?
Q. How to find MAC address when we know IP address?
Q. What is IP address?
Q. Difference between Switch, Router, Hub?
Q. Switching table.
Q. Routing table.
Q. Subnet mask.
Q. More questions on LAN.. i don\'t remember.

HR interview was just a formality.

Advice : just be confident. :)

Best of luck :)