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Aricent Interview Experience - RNSIT Bangalore, Sept 5, 2014
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Akshay Shankar Bhat
Hello everyone,

I would like to share my experience,

First we were briefed about the company then we had online written test :

Which had,

1. Quantitative Aptitude.
2. Logical Reasoning.
3. Verbal aptitude.
4. C programming.
5. And some of the computer fundamentals.

If you don\'t belong to Computer Science you will get questions based on your branch,

Well there were 350 students who appeared for online test and to everyone\'s surprise 123 had cleared aptitude in our college and according to the HR it was the best conversion rate so far, then we, who cleared aptitude were called for technical interview on the next day, the procedure was pretty systematic and we were given time slots for interview so that we need not wait entire day for our interview,

Tech Interview questions :

1. The programming questions like :

Reversing a string using pointer.

Factorial of a number using recursion.

Some of the operations on linked list I don\'t remember exactly which all, he had asked some 3-4.

Finding size of a structure without using sizeof() operator.

Fibonacci series using recursion.

File handling, he asked me to open the file and perform various operations on file.

2. Then I was asked to explain about virtual functions in C++.
And few more basic concepts of c++.

3. Computer Networks :.

*Layers of OSI model and their protocols, almost all protocols he asked me to explain and few I didn\'t know completely which I said I am not sure about it, and he seemed to be ok since I had explained well rest of the things which I knew.

*Difference between TCP and UDP and examples for them.

I don\'t remember all the questions in Networks I couldn\'t answer some since I didn\'t know about it.

4. Operating system he asked me scheduling, paging and segmentation and also about shared memory problem and Peterson\'s solution.

5. He asked me what you know in Digital Electronics, since I was a computer science student I said I just know basic gates, flip flops, multiplexers and demultiplexers.

He said that\'s ok man and said just briefly explain them, I did so, and I said that\'s all I know, he said good, and asked me few simple questions on 80x86 microprocessor they were quite simple like address lines and addressing.

The interview went on for some 40 minutes and in the end he said thank you nice meeting you, I said thank you sir, Thank you for your time and he shook my hand, I smiled and walked out. After 5 mins I was informed that I cleared technical and I was sent for HR round.

HR round was very casual, she asked me about myself, then I was asked why Aricent ? I said since its a R&D company I believe I will get more opportunities to learn and more exposure which I might not get in service companies.

Then I was asked don\'t you think the pay 3.5LPA is bit less, I said as a fresher I am happy with it and I am looking forward to learn new things.

She asked about my extra curricular activities and other things.

HR interview lasted for about 5 mins.

After an hour and half the results were announced and 66 people were picked out of 123, and I feel happy to say that I was one among them and it was the first company that I got placed.