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Aricent Placement Paper - Delhi
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Aricent Recruitment Process Divided into 3 parts :

Date : 14 july 2014.

1) Written test.

    1.1 English.
    1.2 Aptitude.
    1.3 Logical Reasoning.
    1.4 Computer Programming.
    1.5 Computer Science.

2) Technical Interview.
3) HR interview.

Round 1 : Syllabus for written test:


Number of Questions: 18.
Module Duration: 16 min.




  Subject-Verb Agreement.
  Tenses and Articles.
  Prepositions and Conjunctions.
  Speech and Voices.


  Inferential and Literal Comprehension.
  Contextual Vocabulary.
  Comprehension ordering.


Number of Questions: 16.
Module Duration: 16 min.

Detailed Syllabus:

Basic Mathematics:

  HCF and LCM.
  Numbers, decimal fractions and power.

Applied Mathematics:

  Profit and Loss.
  Simple and Compound Interest.
  Time, Speed and Distance.

Engineering Mathematics:

  Permutation and Combinations.


Number of Questions: 16
Module Duration: 16 min.

Detailed Syllabus:

Deductive Reasoning:

  Coding deductive logic.
  Directional sense, Blood relations.
  Objective Reasoning.
  Selection decision tables.

Inductive reasoning:

  Coding pattern and Number series pattern recognition.
  Analogy and Classification pattern recognition.

Abductive Reasoning:

  Logical word sequence.
  Data sufficiency.


Number of Questions: 25.
Module Duration: 35 min.
Detailed Syllabus:

Basic Programming:

  Data Types.
  Iteration, Recursion, Decision.
  Procedure, functions and scope.

Data Structures:

  Arrays, Linked Lists, Trees, Graphs.
  Stacks, Queues.
  Hash Tables.




  Searching and Sorting.
  Complexity Theory.


Number of Questions: 26.
Module Duration: 22 min.

Detailed Syllabus:

Operating System and Computer Architecture:

  Basics of OS and Computer Architecture.
  Process Management and Synchronization.
  Memory and I/O Management.


  Data model.
  Relational Algebra and SQL.
  Normalization, Architecture, Indexing.

Computer Networks:

  Basics of networking and communication.
  OSI, TCP/IP layers and protocols.
  Network Devices and Routing Algorithms.

Round 2 : Technical Interview question:

1). Write a structure for SLL that stores integer value.

2). Write a structure for Sll that stores integer char etc.. (using void pointer).

3). What is the diff between char a and char a[1];

4). She asked me abt my fav subject ... I said ds and algo..then she said write an algo to find the middle node of in SLL.

5). Given only a pointer to a node to be deleted in a singly linked list, how do you delete it?

6). How you check in Sll that any node is corrupted or its is possible or not.

7). Explain Rat and maze problem .. how u solve problem and what data structure you use ..n Write code for it.

8). How would you write printf statement without using ";".

9). In Networks she asked about what happens if I type in browser (she basically interested in headers and layers Dns etc).

10). Arp and Rarp... mac address and ip address.

11). Router and switches used in which layers.

12). Puzzle : 3 bulb and 3 switches.

13). Puzzle : 26-63=1 (change only one digit up, down, right or left ... do not change the value of digit)
  (Ans : 2^6-63=1)

Round 3 : HR interview:

1) Tell me About yourself.
2) About Ur family.
3) Questions From Resume.
4) In which area you want to groom yourself.
5) Job Location.

Thats it....... :-) :-).