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Aricent Group Interview Experience - Jaipur, September 27, 2013
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The aptitude test was conducted online and consisted of 4 parts.

1. English.
2. Mathematical Aptitude.
3. Computers (pseudo codes were given).
4. Logical Reasoning.

The time given for each of the sections was about 25 to 35 min (varying) and was ample. Although the rest of the sections were easy but the Computer section in which each of the pseudo code was given and either output/ error was to be found out was slightly difficult.

After the aptitude was taken, the results of the same were followed by a Group Discussion in which a group comprised of 8 to 10 people. The topic for the discussion was chosen by the group itself. Some of the topics chosen by Banasthali Vidyapith students were :

Impact of Indian Cinema on Youth.
Rupees vs Dollar.
Sex Education.
Rights of Women etc.

Group Discussion was a non elimination round hence no elimination followed.

The next day began the technical round (around 45 min to 50 min for each student) which was indeed easy but very lengthy.

Basic Concepts (with programming) was asked in C, C++, Java and Data Structures.

Basics of Networking is also important. But. One must know how to write program in any of the languages. Some of the Programs asked were :

Reversal of string, Fibonacci, Stack, Queue, Linked List, Factorials. Etc. Easy but should be revised.

The H.R. Round was merely a formality for many of us barring a few who were really grilled. It also had obvious questions and the Aricent team was very friendly.

It began with an Introduction followed by the history of Aricent. They also asked us why we chose Aricent and if shifting to South was a problem. It lasted for about 15 to 20 mins on an average.

It was a wonderful experience.

93 students were shortlisted from around 400 students. :).