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Hai Friends  

          I want to share with you about my experience of Aricent campus. I was not shortlisted in written test even I did well. I give u some point about Aricent and written test ques

Eligibility criteria:
Written Duration: 1hr 50min
follow GD, Tech & hr interview
65% in subject
Branch (circuit & non-circuit)

Aricent is one of the leading multinational company, having their branches at 3 places for India. They are Bangalore, Chennai & one. It dealing fully for communications software, Nerworks, and mobile based on Development and testing. So prepare Computer Networks mainly. Flextronics has been changed their name to Aricent.

          For us small change is made in their pattern of written test but this pattern may follow u (not sure). So be careful. In previous pattern totally 7 sections, It changed to 4 sections. They omit Section1 (English), Section6 (comprehension), section7 (Email writing).

Written test:

Totally 4 sections

  Analytical             30ques 30minMental ability           30ques    30minData structure          20ques    20min C, C++ or Java (ur choice)    30ques 40min  

Section1: analytical.
It is easy to solve. solve quickly as much u can. So score well

Section2: mental ablity
u can score more mark in this section. it is little easy compare to above one.
Ques like identify the correct matching
A.if three same B.first and second C.first and third D.none of above
a)6673888 b)6673828 c) 6673888
around 6 or 8 ques like this.

Then * stand for /, / stand for +, - stand for *, like 5 or 6 questions in this two type first is just one replacing and second is apply to all choice & identify the correct. Note: don\'t u do the second type. it take more time to solve

2 more set of 4 or 5 questions like applying for companies with 4 conditions (easy)

Section3: data structures
it\'s little bit dough to solve.u must know the basic about datastructure. study sorting, tree(binary tree,), searching and basics

1.what is the ternary operator in following
a. *  b.&   c.~   d.?

2.which is unary operator that used for addressing
a.*   b.!   c.&   d.?

3.what\'s equation for average class analysis of quicksort
a.O(n)      b.O(logn)    c.O(2nlogn)  d.O(n2)

4.same 3rd question ....with quicksort O(n2)
a.O(n)      b.O(logn)    c.O(2nlogn)  d.O(n2)

5.what operation & symbol indicate
a.bitwise AND b.bitwisOR  c.logical AND  d.logicalOR

6.which is the worst algorithm in average case analysis?
a.mergesort  b.quick sort  c.heapsort   d.bubblesort

7.In stack 2,3
push() push()
what is the output?

8.which has highest priority?
Like 4 choice
High priority: $ symbol
Medium: * multiplication , / division
Low: +addition and -subtraction

High priority: * multiplication , / division
Medium: $ symbol
Low: +addition and -subtraction

9.what is sorting? using only 4 nodes, how many form of binary tree can make?
a.12  b.14  c.15  d.13

and some of binary tree searching ques

Section 4: C,C++ or Java (ur choice)
i opted for c. few questions are easy but rest were little bit dough.
Prepare Test ur C skills,tech ebook pdf,\'s enough to solve.
Have a basic knowledge about programming in c. so do some program through system

int i=32;
int i;
some operation.......
a.5   b.garbage   c.error     d.32

int a=5,b=6,c=10;
a.0   b.error     c.1   d.10 i,j;
int operate()
} two varibles can use for both function.what is the name for that varibles?
a.local variable     b.register      d.external sample(int i)
int count=1;
int i,j;
printf(“the element %d and %d”,i,j);
what is the ouput for last two printf statement?


They finally give us to write about situation for 6 paragraph with diff situation. they check ur English.. Write with proper hand writing

      I gave u almost ques whatever I remember. There is no need to take preparation for written test.. just having basic in c or C++, datastructure & basic English knowledge is enough.. but the matter that preparation on technical is very important...prepare computer networks, C based on written is I think enough.. I spent totally 5 hours to write this for u because I couldn\'t recollect all those things easily. So please make it useful. ALL THE BEST