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Amdocs Interview Pattern - Agartala 01/09/2016
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Nirpender bhati
Written test was conducted by AMCAT:

Personality test - 80 ques (20 min).
Aptitude (quant) - 12 ques (16 min).
Logical Reasoning - 12 ques (14 min).
Coding test (C/C++/Java) - 2 ques (45 min).
Unix/ Sql (PL-SQL)/ C - 30 ques (30 min). 

Apti and logical reasoning is quite easy, In Coding test first you have to select any one language in you wanna code then questions will be based on that language. Last section involves 10 questions each from the above mentioned topics.

Overall level of test was good and you can\'t skip any question means you have to answer it, then only you will be directed to next question.