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Amdocs Interview Experience - Pune, December 12, 2015
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Gaurav Kelwadkar
Amdocs is one of the leading Telecom billing product based MNC\'s in the world.

Interview was for Telecom Billing Experienced professionals with 1-3 years experience.

I got a call from consultancy who had reviewed my profile from to attend Online test of Amdocs.

1] Online Test : Test was held at Amdocs campus. It had 5 sections - SQL,UNIX,Decision Making, Quantitative aptitude and Data Interpretation. Except SQL and UNIX all other sections were very easy. You can score full out of marks there. Even SQL and Unix were easy but some questions were difficult.

Quant Apti - simple questions on time and work, numbers, profit and loss, ages etc.
SQL - If you are good in SQL it\'s easy. Simple questions on joins, functions, indexes etc.
Unix - It\'s a bit tough as most questions were based on commands that we probably don\'t use that often like tee, sort -u, replace all - 1,$ s/old_string/new_string/g etc.
Data Interpretation and Reasoning - Kid\'s stuff just be alert when solving. Bar chart problems, translate problems etc.

Asked to leave after test, got call from consultancy to attend F2F interview next week.

2] F2F interview : Before F2F interview we were given hard copy of presentation which was based on different telecom billing and rating chain modules in Amdocs like - Ordering, Pricing, Pricing, Billing, CRM, EPC catalogue etc. There was a page having blocks of these modules connected with arrows. We had to explain how these modules are connected together by writing functionality over the arrows.

Having done that, we were sent to F2F interview. There was a 2-men panel, they asked like Tell me about yourself, family and background etc. Next they asked about my project and asked me to explain Telecom billing chain and the exercise given on presentation. This took almost half an hour or more.

Next they asked about SQL and Unix. In SQL how to delete duplicates in a table like:

Col1     Col2
123     789
789     123

Considering, these are duplicates how we delete them? It can be done by self join. But I couldn\'t remember it, so I wrote a procedure for that. Then they asked on Unix.
How to find a pattern in a file, said - using grep. How to ignore case - grep -i

How to search a pattern in whole directory told.
grep -i "hello" *.*

Then they asked about chmod. chmod ug=rx meaning and all. Those clearing the interview were asked to wait. After waiting for a while, we had a meeting with a Senior Manager who explained us about our roles and responsibilities and nature of work.

When done he answered some questions, congratulated us and we were asked to leave.

After 2-3 days I got call from HR, had a telephonic HR round, it was lengthy but easy, salary discussion and all was done. In a few days got offer letter from Amdocs.
Looking forward to joining Amdocs on 4th Jan 2016.

Hope this helped !