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Amdocs Interview Experience - Pune, 30 may 2015
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Harshad p
Manual Testing Interview experience.

I got a call letter from Consultancy for experienced position. Consultancy states that its having test and interview and HR interview on phone later onwards.

So firstly I have to tell how the question paper was.

It mainly contains 5 section for manual testing. Total 95 questions and 1 hr 55 mints given.

1). Quantitative ability:it mostly contains questions on Trains almost 4-5. Given some of question and to find out does it fit into criterion. Some questions are 2 conditions were given and to find out these condition are enough to find out solutions. All other questions are basics you can easily solve that. I suggest mostly focus on train questions. 20questions.

2). Attention to details:one big paragraph was given for reading comprehension and 15 questions were there. It was little bit tough I guess.

3). Software testing concepts:Most of questions were tough and they were totally focusing beyond our thinking. I believe there were most of questions on configuration management system. So study it carefully. 20 Questions.

4). Unix: I think this was toughest section I had ever faced because I am totally new to Unix there were 15 questions. So please study unix thoroughly and give more time on concepts of unix.

BCZ questions were tough.

5). SQL:15 questions mostly on big queries and they also asking questions on database related SQL concepts. Some questions on join also.

I have given test now waiting for result, HR told me that they will give result within working week.

That\'s all guys.