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AMDOCS Interview Pattern - NSIT @DELHI.
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Starting from beginning:

1: Written test (2 hour 15 min) taken by AMCAT.

     .Quant (16 ques in 16 min).
     .Reasoning(14 in 14 min).
     .Eng(18 in 16 min).
     .Coding(2 question in 45 min).
     .Sql+dbms(10 question) +unix(10 q)+c+ds(10 quest) in 30 min.

2. Interview:(2 interview)(1 hours each).

 1. C, DS, OS, Unix(linked list basic quest, unix 10 commands, memory management, what is pixel).

 2. C, DS, OS, Unix, Networking(tree creation code, height of tree without using recursion, find loop in linked list without using slow and fast pointer, deadlock, race condition, mutex, semaphore, unix 5 commands).

3. HR interview(40 min).
         Basic hr question.

Tips: for written exam solve amcat question. You will find same passage in english, some same quant question. Study hard for unix, sql, dbms in deep.