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Amdocs Interview Experience - Gwalior, IITM, April 11, 2015
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Sukriti singh
Hi guys,

Firstly you\'ll have to crack the written exam of Amdocs. They will ask you in their written exam.

1. Apti (16 ques).
2. English (18 ques).
3. Reasoning (14 ques).
4. Technical it consist 30 question (10 sql, 10 unix, 10 c/c++/java which ever you have chosen).

The question were basic.

So I suggest you to prepare sql from site and basic commands of unix (like grep, cat). Output and error based question of C language as I have opted C, and they were easy. So be prepare for it.

Now move to interview.

There were two interview.

1. Technical.
2. Hr.


My interview was for 1 hour.

Que1. They gave me two C language question. As I m from EC so my program was not correct but logic was right.

Que2. Sql (create database) done.

Que3. Select the student who get max marks (from sql).

4. Unix command used to stop the background program.(not done).

5. One reasoning que.(done but took some time. If you don\'t get logic then don\'t give up try to solve until he\'ll stop you).

And many more question from unix and sql.

At last but not least in tech interview. He asked Why Amdocs and What you\'ll get from us.

Then he asked "any ques?" (be prepare to ask a que to him).

After this I have cleared it then Hr interview.


Why amdocs.

Why electronics and comm.

Are you ready to relocate, shifts?

Weakness, greatest strength.

The thing in you which you want to overcome.

Some question were from my CV.(prepare it).

And finally I got placed. :).

Guys don\'t loose your confidence. I have rejected from many other companies.

Like: Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, Emphasis, TCS...

Be confident. All the best :) :).