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Amdocs Interview Pattern - Pune, March 28, 2015
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Kumar Amit
I had registered for Amdocs through HirePro.

First round was online test.
It had 5 sections.

1. Aptitude round was very easy(AMCAT Pattern).

2. Reasoning was easy.

3. English was good.

4. Technical questions were really tough. 30 questions. 10 on unix, 10 on sql, 10 on language which you have chosen.( C/C++/java)

5. Automata Section(Testing), There were 7 Question, where I need to solved it under 30 mins.

Now comes PI round.

Simple Intro. (note : Prepare your Introduction very well, as It would be your first Impression and believe me, it works. )

It was good, actually He was from Database department so lots of question he asked from SQl and database. (try to focus on real life examples)

Then asked me to reverse a string like " AMDOCS" to "SCODMA" in java and the same question in C also.

Then he asked me to swap 2 no. Without using temp and +/- operators.

He asked me Lots of Questions on "C" like Linked List, Circular Linked List, Pointers, Stacks.

Then he asked 2 question from Database again i.e., diff b/w BCNF and 3NF and gave a query to write, it was related with Count() Function and Joins.

Then He asked Me each and every details related with my projects.

And I was giving him back to back answer, and finally he told am done.

Any question would you like to ask?,

Then I asked about Job Responsibilities and the area where I need to improve.
After Five Min I got my result, Selected for the Hr Round.

HR Round :

Again Introduction.(Simple Communication Check).

Then he told me to write an application letter to your manager that you want to quit your job caz you got a better job than this.(I wrote it)

He asked to me Why "AMDOCS" ?

Then He asked to me " why should I Hire you? "

Then he gave me a form to fill, after then He told me that am done, any question would to like to ask?

And lastly he told me that you will get a mail by tomorrow Evening.

And I got the same.

Best Of Luck !