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Amdocs Interview Experience - Jaipur, March, 22, 2015
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First round was online test.

It has 5 sections.

1. Apti round was very easy.
2. Reasoning was easy.
3. English was good.
4. 2 programs in 45 min. It may have a very strange pattern to check gray code sequence or to find gcd of an array.
5. Technical questions are really tough. 30 questions. 10 on unix, 10 on sql, 10 on language which you have cHosen.

Now comes PI round.

It was not good. He was from testing department so god knows what was he asking and if I gave correct answer then he gave me very bad look.

He asked me to cut a cake in8 equal parts with minimum cuts. I gave right answer but he was not happy.

Then asked me to make a function equivalent to malloc by yourself without using any other inbuilt function.

Then he asked me to swap 2 no. Without using temp and +/- operators.

Then asked me a reasoning question. That if my pond gets filled by algae in days such that each day it grows double then in how many days it was half of the total. I gave right answer but again he gave me a deadly look.

Then he asked 1 question of sql i.e., diff b/w delete and truncate.

Then he asked how many tyres a scooter have. Then he asked that suppose a scooter has to travel a distance between 2 points such that not even 1 deviation is there by scooter tyres. Now tell me what is the technique to find out that scooter has deviated from its path.

Then he gave me his phone and asked me to write down points priority wise that I should write down while testing the phone.

He never got satisfied by my any answer even if it was right.

Obviously I didn\'t get selected and even I don\'t know how could I use such an experience for any next interview. I hope no 1 gets such an interviewer.