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Amdocs Interview Experience - Pune, March 15, 2015
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Interview Experience for Manual Testing profile:

Online Aptitude test: Analytical ability+Attention to details+data sufficiency+passage+software testing concepts+unix+SQL.

Total 95 question in 2hr 55min.

Around 180 people appeared for aptitude test at amdocs pune location and only 11 were selected and were called for technical interview next day, I was one among the 11 people.

Interview was schedule on 11am and I reached sharp by 10am. Waited waited and waited. Then they told panel has not yet arrived and will arrive at 1pm. Did some timepass & came back at 1pm again Waited Waited Waited Then my interview finally happened at 4pm. 25min interview I answer all question correctly and last she told me your experience is less (was 1.5 years) and then I realised they are looking for 2.5+ years and the same was told to my friend. Such a slap in the face. Moreover their job profile said 1-4 years allowed. I was so frustrated and was not in a mood to argue with her(the interviewer).

Moral of the story: For AMDOCS never ever come on given time, instead come I hr late. Also do not go if you have less than 2 years of exp.