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Amdocs Interview Experience - Gurgaon, November 27 2014
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Anant Mohan
Hi all,

I was shortlisted via amcat for the programming round n got the admit card for it.

In the test, There were 30 questions based on sql, unix, (c/c++/java) you can choose for the language you want, 10 question on each. Time was of 30 mins.

Then there was a programming round 7 question were there which were logically incorrect we had to make them correct so they give desired output, I think they don\'t focus much on this round as I was only able to make 2 correct out if seven in 20 minutes.

Please read the guidelines correctly before only as I wasted my 10 mins in understanding the platform given to make those programs correct.

There is no main function required and no scanf and print function required you just have to make the function correct.

Question were,

Binary search.

Factorial by recursion.

Switch case for days of the week to return the day no. Like sunday -1, monday-2 etc.

Rest I don\'t remember.

After 10 days I got the call for interview that is on 26 nov 2014 I had interview.


My interview was on video call in gurgaon office.

I entered the room there was a person who was there to set up, there were 2 person on vc.

I wished them, then they asked for introduction, I told confidently.

Then they asked my preference I said C, Sql, and oops concept in java.

Questions were,

Pointers in C and their use.

Call by value and call by reference difference and practical use.

Program to reverse a string passed by user.

Diff between structure and union (Didn\'t know what is union).

Keys in sql and their use.

Joints and asked the syntax as well.

And then they discussed about sorting algos which to use and when and made me write bubble sort.

Now project my project was in java.

So they asked how I\'m in java.

I said not very good, ok types. Guys be truthful you cannot lie to them.

He then said you made project you must be good in it I said ok sir you ask quesn.


Oops concept.

Life cycle of servlet as I used them in project.

Overriding and overloading with implementing in an example.

Steps to connect Jdbc.

Then I don\'t know why but they asked have you used database connectivity in C.

I said no but I will love to use that, they smiled (guys always show interest in anything you don\'t and that you want to learn that).

Then they asked in which field you wants to work.

I said am comfortable with anything but would love to work on development phase.

Then they asked any question.

I asked where I need to improve myself.

They said try to implement every programming problem in practical then you will understand better.

Then they asked what do you know about amdos.

I told revenue and ceo and where was it founded.

He said ok, you can leave now.

I said thanks and left.

Then I was asked to leave for day and said they will inform me the result.

Next day in afternoon I received phone from HR, that you have cleared the tech round and took my HR interview, it was just formality asked about my details just to write on my Offer, later in evening I got the offer letter and got the joinin on 1 dec 2014.

All the best guys, prepare well and have patience.