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Amdocs Interview Experience - LPU, December, 2014
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Amdocs visited LPU in december. There were a total of three rounds.

Online test:

It was AMCAT based test. Online test consisted questions from Quants,Logical, Verbal. Apart from these there were coding and technical sections too. Quants,Logical,Verbal were easy.
Written exam was concluded by AMCAT which consist of following sections:

Aptitude (15 ques) - Very Easy. (Cut-off- 10 ques).
LR (15 ques) - Very Easy. (Cut-off- 10 ques).
English (15 ques) - Very easy. (Cut-off- 10 ques).

Technical (30 ques) -Moderate- here you will get a choice to select your language (C/C++/Java). Don\'t choose java unless you are master of it. Prepare for unix and sql if you want to clear this section. (Cut-off- 16 ques)

You have to choose any one of C, C++, Java for coding section. It consisted of two programs . Programs were mostly from arrays, pointers. Be well prepared with sorting of arrays,programs related to pointers, Matrices using arrays etc. Another question was to print patterns of numbers/stars. So be prepared to write programs to print some weird patterns. Practise logics well.

It is okay if you cannot attempt any of the programs correctly. Even I attempted one question(though not correct) and I did not attempt another question.

Around 380 students attended for online test.

Technical interview:

Around 47 students cleared this round. If you clear online test than 70% of your work is done but don\'t relax. For technical interview, be prepared with one of your core subjects. If you are from ece be prepared with digital electronics/microprocessors and basic programs. Also you may be asked to write program in c/c++/java language(the one language you have chosen during online test). Learn few basic SQL queries related to groupby,while etc.

HR interview:

This is formal round. Very less chances of rejection. Be confident. Express yourself well. Don\'t show your tension on your face. Be calm.

Total of 25 students were selected.