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Amdocs Interview Experience - Pune, March 19, 2014
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Taru Baranwal

I was shortlisted for the interview round after technical aptitude.

The aptitude was of amcat pattern. Quant, logical, technical n coding section. For coding section we had to choose out of C, C++ and java. I chose C++. It consisted of two programs in which we only had to write the main logic, rest was in-built. Quant, logical and tech. Sections were multiple choice and were each to crack.

I would consider this aptitude as the main filtration process because from my college only 6 students were selected out of 150.

After apti comes the interview. My interview was conducted by two people at a time. They gave me a list of languages that I was supposed to choose from. I chose C++, database and unix.

Questions asked were:


Real life implementation of OOP concepts.

Any eg. Used in day to day life.

Use of function overriding.


Diff. Between function overloading and overriding.


All types of joins.

Foreign key, candidate key, primary key.

Diff. Between all above.


Diff. Between delete and truncate etc.

However its not compulsory to answer all the questions but at least try in front of them. They like the fact that the student is at least trying. Have thorough knowledge of your project, thats the first question they are going to ask. Your project\'s working, scope, future use, tools or platform used, everything must be well answered and even if you don\'t know anything they asked just say something, don\'t sit silently.

In my case I spoke so much about the project that he was half impressed.

HR rounds were going on simultaneously. The filtration was going on side by side our tech. Interview. Once you clear your tech. Interview, HR is like a cake walk. They asked normal questions like tell me about urself, marks, hobbies, strength and weakness, about the company. They even asked me total revenue of the company. Its better to know about the company in prior.

Overall 70+ students were called for tech. Interview and end of the day approx. 37 were selected. Proud to say I was one of them.