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Amdocs Interview Experience - Jabalpur Engg College. 26 Apr 2014
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Neta ji
Written exam was concluded by AMCAT which consist of following sections:

Aptitude (15 ques) - Very Easy. (Cut-off- 10 ques).
LR (15 ques) - Very Easy. (Cut-off- 10 ques).
English (15 ques) - Very easy. (Cut-off- 10 ques).

Technical (30 ques) -Moderate- here you will get a choice to select your language (C/C++/Java). Don\'t choose java unless you are master of it. Prepare for unix and sql if you want to clear this section. (Cut-off- 16 ques).

Then there was a programming section. - Very Difficult. It will consist of two programs. Consider yourself lucky if you able to write 1 program correctly. The programs which I got were:

1. Finding the transpose of a matrix using pointers.
2. Print a series which was difficult one.

Results were based on Aptitude, LR, English and Technical section. Programming was not included. Majority of students including me did not get the program right but still were selected for interview.

Of around 200, 60 were selected for interviews.

Interview consist of two rounds:

1. Technical Interview- Difficult. I was asked questions from- DBMS, Software Engg.

You will be asked to write sql queries. They were easy and I got it right. Next I was asked question regarding unix. Since unix was not in our syllabus, manage to prepare all the commands related to vi editor. Questions were- ls, chmod, tee, grep, who etc.

Around 34 students cleared technical interview and were selected for HR interview.

2. HR - Formality - all 34 got selected.