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Amdocs Interview Experience - Chandigarh, April 26,2014
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Hi. First of all I would like to say thanks to to help freshers like us so that we can prepare well in our placements exams and interviews.

Amdocs came in our college in month of april. They took our online exam on 18th april and cleared only 63 students out of 300. Test was of 180 min. It was AMCAT Test.

There were five sections in their exam :

1. Quantitative.
2. English.
3. Reasoning.
4. Coding Round (according to the language chosen).
5. Technical Test (sql, unix, java).

First three sections were easiest. You can refer RS Agarwal for it. They were very very basic questions so speed matters. Try to do as many questions as possible in less time.

Coding Round was also not very difficult. If your basics are clear you can easily solve it. Here 2 problems were given and you have to solve it in 35 min. They will give you a virtual compiler where you can try & run your code. You have to chose language from c/c++/java.

My first question was to calculate GCD (greatest common divisor) of two numbers and second question was related to arrays.

Next was technical test and there were questions related to Sql, Unix, Java (language chosen by u).

Basic commands of unix are enough to go but Sql was very difficult. You should have complete knowledge of Sql queries and Java was normal. If your basic are clear then you can easily do it. There topics like inner classes, interface, upcasting, data members/member functions.

Next was technical interview. There technical panel was very cool they try to comfort you as much possible.

I entered nd interviewee asked me to sit and I introduced myself.

Then he asked me about the area of expertise and I told him Java.

He then told me to write a basic program to input a value.

Then he told me to write a program to draw this pattern.


Then he asked me about project.

He asked is somebody using the application you have made.

What is static methods.

Can static methods be overloaded or overridden.

Write jdbc odbc connectivity.

Write sql query to select max salary of an employee.

Write program for second maximum salary.

Can you work on other technologies like c/c++.

He asked do you have any question for me.

I asked who was the person who develop the first directory publishing system for amdocs.

He didn\'t answered and asked me to do research about it.

Thats it. They selected around 35 students after technical interview.

Then there was HR interview. HR interview was not very difficult.

Introduce yourself.
Family background.
Where did you did it.
Ready to relocate.
Can work in all shifts.

Why amdocs (this is very imp question. Try to say good things about company).

After sometime results were announced.
They finally took 27 students and I was one of them.

All the best!