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Amdocs Interview Experience - 21 March 2014
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Hi Everyone,

Amdocs visited to our college in last week. They selected 15 out of 180 students.

There were 3 rounds.

1. Aptitude Test (180 Appeared, 33 Shortlisted).
2. Technical Interview (33 Appeared, 21 Shortlisted).
3. HR Interview (21 Appeared, 15 Selected).

Here is my experience of each round.

1. Aptitude test.

There were total 4 sections.

1. General Apti (15 questions, 15 Mins).

Questions based on topic Profit-loss, Work Time, Number System, Logical Reasoning.

2. English (15 questions, 15 Marks).

Synonyms, acronyms, questions on paragraph reading, find errors.

3. Coding Round (2 Problems, 45 mins).

We had to do 2 programs in C or Java, Choice was ours but Choice of programming language may reflect in your next section as well as in technical interview.

Few problem statements were like this,

Compute GCD of given array,

Pattern Printing,

Matrix rotate (left side by 90 degree),


Find minimum, maximum in array and return index,

If input array contains a[0]=2 then output array should have a[2]=0, similarly If a[1]=3 then make a[3]=1 like this.

4. Technical Attitude (30 questions 30 mins).

10 questions on Database (find correct sql query, permissions) ,

10 on unix command (prepare for tee, wc, grep, chmod, vi editor commands).

10 on C/Java based on language chosen for coding round. (Basics & Guess the output type questions).

Then next round was Technical Interview, (40 to 45 mins).

Based on skill set mentioned in resume.

Introduce yourself,

Basic Java, c++ questions?

What is polymorphism, types of polymorphism. Example.

What is Checked & Unchecked Exception?

Whats is syntax of printf in header file?

How to define array using macro in C, ?How to pass it to function?

Write down program snippet for Fibonacci series (recursive).

An array contain 6 different numbers, only 1 number is repeated for 5 times. So now total 10 numbers in array, Find that duplicate number in 2 steps only?

Basic sql queries. For union, joins, difference between truncate and delete.

What is normalization, given one sample database table find highest normal form?

Write down 10-15 unix commands.

As a software developer, if you find a bug in production environment, How will you fix it?

And other general questions like what do you know about telecommunications?

Then immediate next was HR Round.

Students who didn\'t clear Technical, were asked to leave immediately.

Here they checked my communication skill, Don\'t take this round as granted or just formality. They rejected 6 students from in HR round.

Introduce yourself,

What do you know about Amdocs.

Are you ready to relocate?

Tell me about your family.

What are your hobbies?

What are your strengths?

What if work pressure increases tremendously? How will you handle?

How will you distinguish between the words \'see\' and \'look\'?

How will you give additional value to Amdocs.

Do you have any questions?

Once They finished with all students, They announced result.

Fortunately My name was there ;).

I hope this will help you,

Thank you.