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AMdocs Interview Experience - INDORE, October 21, 2013
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Megha Gupta
Hi everyone, I attended AMdocs interview held at my college SGSITS. 200 students appear for written test. 50 cleared written test. Next round was Technical interview. It was elimination round. Those who cleared Technical interview appeared for HR INTERVIEW. Total 14 students were selected. HR was a cakewalk.

My Technical interview was about 60 minutes. First question was Introduce yourself?

I told my name, birth place, schooling and projects I have configured LTSP (linux Terminal Server Project in ubuntu 12.04).

Then he asked what is LTSP?

I replied.

Then he asked what are thin and thick clients? and cloud computing is thick or thin client?

Then he said write socket programming in C?

He asked what is UDP and TCP?/ internet is TCP or UDP? any real time example of TCP and UDP?

Then he asked about my projects?

My project is based on database then he asked what is delete, drop and truncate, rollback?

Can drop statement work with drop? if no then why?

Then he asked are you master in C?

And asked how do I print a string, integer and float value without mentioning datatype?

He asked what is major difference b/w C and java?

And is there any limitation on no of opened sockets in C?

And how to print system calls used in a particular function?

And what do you know in Unix?

And at last a query a table emp (empid, empname, salary).

Write a query to print name of employees whose salary > 5000 and less than 15, 000 and employee name does not start with \'meg\'?

And at Finally he said do you have any question to ask? I asked what should I do to improve myself Technically?

They said go through as many courses as you can and improve your socket programming knowledge and UNIX, rest is fine.

2) HR interview:

1. Introduce yourself in terms what have you done till now?
2. Family background?
3. Have any offer in hand then why AMdocs?
4. What do you think in which are are you lagging?
5. Are you ready for travelling?
6. Are you preparing for higher studies?

It was for around 20 min.

It seems to be very long and drilling process but if you are confident and keep yourself fresh its.

Easy to clear all round.

Best of luck to all of you.