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ADP Interview Experience - ADP OFFICE, SOMAJIGUDA - DEC 2017
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Y. Amrutha Pushpa
There were 3 rounds:

1). Written Test.
2). Technical Round.
3). HR.

--> Written Test was Online based. It consisted of 3 categories:

(i) Quants.
(ii) Logical Reasoning.
(iii) Computer Questions.

(i) Quants part consisted of problems regarding Trains,percentages,Time and work, profit & loss,pipes and cistern, probababilty
  This section consisted of 40 questions.

(ii) Logical reasoning part consisted of questions on Number or letter series, seating arrangement, directions, blood relations, Logical Sequence and etc.
   This section has 30 questions.

(iii) Computer section consisted of 70% questions on C language and 30% questions on Sql.

--> Technical Round was Face to Face interview.
Questions asked in this round are,

1). Self Introduction?

2). Each and everything about my resume(about my college, my technical skills, my projects etc).

3). Write a program for palindrome using recursion?

4) .Java and DOTNET. Which is a better language amongst them? ( As I mentioned Dotnet in my resume I was asked this question, if you mention any other technologies you will definitely face questions regarding them like my friends did).

5). Disadvantages of Java?

6). What is Turing Machine? ( As I am from CSE background).

7). About Search engine tag in HTML?

8). Joins Topic in SQL like Which is the better join command to club all the rows and columns?

9). Write a SQL command to display the list of rows that are between average and maximum?

Over all, the interviewer covered each and every skill I mentioned in my resume.

--> The last round was HR round.
--> Later there was Voice Test and Typing Test.

This is the process of ADP\'s Interview for SAP DEVELOPER ROLE.