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ADP Interview Experience - HYD
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Vishnu vardhan
In pool campus drive(Aug 2017) the pattern was,

1) Aptitude 15 min 15 ques no negative.
2) Reasoning 25min 25 ques.
3) Languages 40min 40 ques.

In languages, they asked mainly to predict the output and what the code does(fibonacci,counting no.of words in a sentence) the syntax was written in C.

Aptitude questions, Reasoning questions based on work a and b together work for 4 days a works 6 days more than b......(1/6+1/12=3/12).

Sum of amount of three members is 264. First is 2 times second, third is 1/3rd of first. Amount of second? 72.

sqrt(80)+7sqrt(5)options were approx. to 3 decimal places.

Calendar for 2007 will be same as Answer : 2018.

Perimeter of rectangle and length breadth ratio was given you need to find area
A works for 6 days, B works for 8 days ,C works for 12 days find the share of C if total profit was 2340?(1/6:1/8:1/12)(4:3:2)(2/9*2340) Ans 520.

Simple interest problem was given to calculate principal.

6*n power(2)+6*n is always divisible by?6&12.

L is 1 year older than S,S is 2 years older than B, R is 1 year older than B who is the youngest ?B(bindu)
7,13,25,43,67,? Ans 97.

PROJECTING first vowels should be arranged in alphabetical order and next remaining in alphabetical concat those all characters to form word What is 5th letter from left? Ans j.

Statement 1: Last year village x record is available Statement 2: present is 15% more than last year Question is to find the present village record Ans: Statement 1&Statement2 both are required to answer.

books are arranged on the table like stack.maths between civics and physics,Above commerce HIstory ,English between civics and history Ans:(P,M,Civics,E,H,Commerce).

Six members sitting in a row. p and v are at the end T between U and V ,R between S and P......(VTUQSRP)

Random characters are given pick the 9,16,24,28 character from left and form meaningful word if no meaningful word cannot be formed opt X.
398739639.... we have to count how many pairs can form 12.
2 Direction question.


A global var can have many declarations and only one definition.
Recursion factorial f(6) int f(int x){if(x==1)return1; else return x*f(x-1)}.
Magnetic disk 100 cylinders each cylinder has 10........Ans 128*100*100.
Which of flg is not http request method options get,put,post,receive Ans receive
Which of flg is not aggregate fun options COUNT MINUS SUM AVG
Predicting what the code does Ans prints nth fibonacci no.
Predicting what the code does Ans Bubble sort
A and B are relations What does A-B give
Two functions were given p=5,q=3 passing address p for f1 address q for f2 f1(&a,b)//swap f2(a,&b)//swap logic was different predicting o/p Ans 5555.

Fibonacci at 7 th position(recursion).
Predicting what the code does count number of words in a sentence.
Relationship problems(4-6) reasoning
Array declaration & initialization syntax javascript
1 car 1scooter 1car 2scooters 1car 3scooters ............ total 36 vehicles were parked I don\'t remember exactly how many scooters were there after 18th vehicle...

(Interviewer name was Ravi)
String reverse.
We can perform using the stack (push all characters up to null and pop).
Java OOP Concepts.
About my project.
He asked what is ur fav sub i replied communication systems
He said you should have opted it as a career. Getting a job in core company from low class level colleges is very difficult I said they prefer only iit nit (top colleges)they don\'t even inform about openings.

He said that I was thinking wrong.
the interview has hardly lasted about 10min
I have waited for the written exam and tr round approx 8hrs.

In KMIT(HYD) they don\'t even have good canteen facility. I have skipped my after-noon meal for the day. In the interview room, they were enjoying the snacks.

Interviewer asked any question.

I asked for which position they were hiring he said that they were looking for all rounder(No one is perfect in every thing) he should know it.