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Automatic Data Processing
ADP Interview Experience - Hyderabad, June 2016
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Hi All,

Written Test:

2+ years interview. 20 MCQ\'s in Java.
I think most of them from IndiaBix only but I didn\'t see IndiaBix before attending the interview.
Exceptions and MultiThreading and JVM and all.

Given Employee and Dept tables related with deptid.

5 programmatical and SQL queries:

1. Java program to Remove duplicates in a list using Collections.

2. Java Program to reverse words in a String
Example: "Prabhu prasad is a good boy"
Output: boy good a is prasad prabhu"

3. SQL Query to get the highest salary who is living in \'HYD\'.and unique records.

4. Query to get all employees whose sal is > than company average sal.

And so on...