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ADP Interview Experience - Hyd. Aug 30 2014
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Somi Reddy.
Hi Folks.

Actually I got a call from ADP through a known reference that I had to appear for written test.

Pattern was like,

15 = English.
15 = Aptitude.
15 = Reasoning.
15 = Software Engg and Data structures.
And 1 Essay about 100 words.

And time was given about 60 minutes.

So we were like 130 members out of them 35 qualified for next round i.e Technical round.

It was completely mixed with HR questions. C program logics, Java concepts and even SQL also and if you wont open your mouth or if you are pretending you\'re gone. So please be careful these interviewers are so arrogant even they refuse to shakehand with you.

Next is Technical + Hr + Logical.

First he\'ll ask about yourself.

Then about your projects.

Some C . SQL . Java concepts.

And here comes the twist, he\'ll give you some puzzles to solve (some which he even doesn\'t know how to solve), so you need to be fast and approach should be good.


They don\'t care if you know technologies are not they won\'t go through our resumes and they\'ll only ask whatever the wanted to irrespective of job profile.

IF they say to leave for the day it means you\'re gonna go home.

IF you get selected immediately you get a call from HR.

I got selected and I got 5 lakh package.