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ADP Interview Experience - Guntur, January 24, 2014
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Jagadish kumar
Hi Aspirants,

I am jagadish from RVR&JC, Guntur.

Here is my interview experience.

More than 400 students were attended for written test and 25 students were short listed and I am one of them :).

Tech Interview - 1.

Q. Tell me about your studies?
A. Said.

Q. What are your previous sem subjects?
A. Unfortunately, I didn\'t remembered any subject : (But I said last year\'s subjects as previous sem subjects ;).

Q. Started asking questions related to Compiler Design.
A. Some what satisfied with my answers.

Q. Asked to choose C or JAVA.
A. Selected C language.

Q. Write a program to perform Matrix Transpose?
A. Written (On the fly created the logic then Sir was Impressed).

Q. Write bubble sort in reverse order?
A. Easy question for any CSEian. I had written.

Q. Asked about time complexity and fastest sorting algorithm.
A. Then said Merge sort as fastest one.

Q. Asked why ?
A. Told.

Q. Asked to write a program to demonstrate worst case complexity of merge sort?
A. Here, I said " Sir, No need to write the program for this. Because if we give input in descending order to sorting Algorithm then this will become worst case to any sorting algorithm. " (Now fully impressed. ).

Q. Asked about project and It\'s implementation.
A. We didn\'t started implementation. So I explained the reason.

Now another panel\'s interviewer came. Both started asking questions.

Q. Asked about my CPU configuration and the terminology related to configurations.
A. Explained very well.

Q. If your computer doesn\'t start booting. Then what you will do ?
A. Sir, I will resolve it. Then I explained different possibilities where a system may not start booting. Totally 5 ways And their solutions were given. Both were fully satisfied.

Q. Different types of Networks?
A. Told.

Q. Any questions to ask?
A. I said " Currently NO sir, Thank you sir " and left the room.

After 1min they called me to HR round.

It is an easy round. Just be confident what you are saying with a smile.

Q. Tell me about yourself?
A. Said.

Q. How many interviews you were participated ?
A. I said 6 sir. : ([ Sir was shocked ].

Q. Tell me the names of companies and reasons why you were failed?
A. Told.

Q. What is your dream company among them?
A. Told.

Q. What are your strengths?
A. Told.

Q. What is the essay do you got in morning written test?

Q. What about your friend\'s ?
A. Said 2 another essays namely PASSION and INNOVATION.

Q. Which is your fav on among them and why?
A. I prefer PASSION sir because CSE is my passion.

Q. Why CSE ?
A. Told.

Q. What are the important skills need to organize a business?
A. Told.

Q. What is your career goal?
A. Told.

Q. Why ADP ?
A. Told.

Then asked do you have any queries?

I asked some questions and left the room.

After 5 mins they called me to another round i.e. TR+HR.

Q. How will you see yourself after 3 years?
A. Told (impressed).

Q. What is your goal?
A. Told.

Q. Write a program which will print 1 to 100 numbers where if a number is divisible by 3 then print HELLO, if the Number is divisible by 5 then print WORLD, if the number is divisible by both then print HELLO WORLD.

A. As a CSEian, easy program for me. I had written (impressed).
Q. Write a program on linked list which will add a node to root node.

A. I had written the program 3 times. But first 2 times sir was not satisfied any at the 3rd time he was satisfied.
Q. Why ADP?

A. Told.
Then gave 2 puzzles - one is related to probability and another one is TOWERS OF HANOI (4 disks).

NO matter you get the answer or not But it matters how you are going to attempt them according to the conditions.

Unfortunately I didn\'t get the probability problem.

Q. Any queries?
A. Yes sir. I asked one questions and said SORRY about the puzzles. He smiled and said " It doesn\'t matter. Be Confident. Don\'t worry" and then I left the room.

After One hour they called me to voice mail check.

Just we have to record the 30 sentences displayed on the screen.

After 3 hours (10:30pm) results were announced. Finally out of 7 people who were attended the HR, 6 were selected.

And I am one of them.

Hope my experience will helps you.

Have a great day :).