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Adobe Systems (Technical)
I went through the Adobe process some months back for a dev position (I have 3+ yrs of exp.).
 They have a written test day followed by (if you cleared the tests!) a interview day.
Tests are fairly easy? hey I sailed through them! Typical quantitative, problem solving (puzzles), coding. Some areas to brush up on for the tests:

 - C pointers (goes without saying!)

- Searching (bsearch)

- Binary trees and in-order, pre-order etc.

- Recursion (a C test of some standing without recursion? Nah..!)

- Automata / state machines

- General C concepts - diff between macro and inline fn. diff between static, local, dynamic vars etc.
 Tests last for 2-3 hours but are not very intensive (if you?ve taken the JEE you?ll know what intensive is?).

Interview day is.. intensive! My suggestion is.. no matter how much you?ve worked on C/C++ and low-level algo stuff - DON?T go into the interview day without 4-5 days of solid revision of core concepts.

I had to go through 4 tech and 1 hr interview. You?ll either be asked *very* deep technology or no technology (only puzzles that is)? no general probing tech questions here.

Tech areas that were covered:

 - C++ - inheritance, polymorphism - VPTR/VTBL questions, operator overloading, templates

- Linked lists and trees! Lots about this

- Find general algos for list questions etc

- Deeper areas like compression algos, algo complexity
 Tech questions to puzzles split was 40:60. That is mostly puzzles? but this is upto you - you might be asked which you want. If you?re confident about knowing tech inside out go for tech questions ? easier to prove yourself. Puzzles have a luck component.

Great place to work btw? very cool plush office. Lots of smart people.

So how did I fare? Do I work for Adobe now? That?s the mystery?

Adobe Systems (Candidates Experiences)

I had a chance to attend the interview at Adobe.

There is a written test and followed by a gruelling rounds (6 intervies and a written test in 7 hrs - single day) of interview that were interesting but at times too stereotyped.

I think the Adobe people (i mean those who took my interview) are obsessed with the idea that a person who can solve the puzzles fast is suited best to their job.

Well, as my talks are indicating I was not selected but it was a good overall experience.

One thing I would like to state is that in Adobe the work in more or less related to graphics and pixel testing as far as testing is concerned. So beware if you are not interested in the pixel matchinmg stuff as it can be hell of a work there.

But overall USP of the company is good, so it is worth a try