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Accenture Interview Experience - 13-May-2021
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Gayatri Suman
I got selected in the Accenture in Feb 2021 in the off campus drive.

Selection process of Accenture consist of 4 rounds:

1) Cognitive and Technical Assessment-90 mins (100 questions).
->There is no negative marking here, But there is a sectional cutoff. So attempt all questions of each section carefully.

2) Coding-45 min (2 questions).
->You need to solve atleast 1 question, it would be better if you can solve both.
(not sure, is this elimination rounds or not).

3) Communication Test- (Approx 30 mins).
->Communication test consists of 6 sections in total.

Every section has multiple questions and each question is asked by a different speaker (which is pre-recorded). Questions are asked orally and no text is displayed(except for the first section).

You need to orally answer every question.
You will be given 20-30 seconds to answer a question.

Next question will be asked immediately after the present one. Questions are asked continuously without a break.
If you want, you can take a break between sections.

4) Interview (time limits depends).

->There is a single interview (TR+HR).
->First they take your introduction.
->They asked questions related to your projects.
->Basically, what was your role in the projects.
->What are you learning now a days.
->Questions related to team works etc.