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Accenture Interview pattern - Mumbai - 29-10-2020
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Hello, Accenture came in our college on 17th Oct. 2020. As corona virus pandemic was going on, there was too much competition and companies were hiring less than usual in many colleges. However it went well in our college, maybe because cases were already on decline by now.

So it was completely new and funny experience for us. Because it was our college placement and whole process had to be completed from our home itself! This was big relief actually, even though we had stress that much few placements would happen this time. No strict formals. Nothing, as camera could only capture upper portion of body. Anyways, now about placement process.

Now if you are one of those who get rejected in gazillions of companies, then please don\'t worry, there\'s always better chance for you. First thing, I\'m from mechanical branch, so this whole IT thing was much new for me. I did as much as I can in only 4 months, which included IT syllabus as well as apti preparation. I was out at apti round itself for companies like Capgemini, Oracle, Infosys. While I got eliminated in freaking HR round at LTI. Result of LTI and Infosys came just before interview of Accenture, so you know how much stressed I was! Still I didn\'t keep crying and attended process with confident.

So Accenture have made many changes in process from 2019 itself. First change is they will hire students at zonal level rather than college level. It\'s like pool campus in which all colleges in given zone would be clubbed together and students will be ranked in these colleges. Toppers will get SE roled with 6.4LPA package, while others above cut off will get ASE with 4.5LPA package. Another change is focus on technical things is increasing even in first round itself. Now instead of only psuedo codes and MS office questions, there will be one section called as technical section and in it there will be separate sub-sections for common apps (like gmail etc) and MS office, pseudo code, and fundamentals of network security and cloud. You have to match sectional and sub sectional cut off to move to further round. Another change is coding assessment was COMPULSORY, unlike in previous batches where ASE students could voluntarily skip coding round. Now as students are stack ranked, they will consider coding round marks too. Another thing is there will be new test called as "communication assessment", taken by Versant.

Another change made for us during virtual interview was instead of taking interviews in bulk of 5 students vs 2 member from panel as usual, interview was done in 2 panel members vs 1 student. But I\'m not sure whether they will continue this in future, as they may have done this to avoid unnecessary load on their site.

So now let\'s talk about rounds:

First one was cognitive and technical assessment.

In it 90 questions were asked to be solved in 90 minutes. You could navigate between sections. First section was of aptitude which had subsection quants, logical reasoning and verbal. Verbal was very easy. It consisted of paragraphs, correct grammatical errors in sentence, jumbled sentences, synonyms antonyms etc. Logical was moderate to tough. Not actually because questions were too much out of box, but because there were 4-5 questions on student-constructed data. Like logical games or seating arrangements, in which you have to make that arrangement. If your arrangement is right, then you have jackpot of 5 right questions. If not. Then well you know. So there were multiple questions on single flow charts/seating arrangements/logical thinking etc. Also there were questions on simple syllogisms, coding decoding etc. Quants was easy to moderate. Questions from profit loss, percentage, avg, permutations and comb, number series, numbers and other basic topics were asked.

IndiaBix is more than enough to clear this section. I only practiced questions from IndiaBix again and again and it worked.

In technical section, pseudocodes are very easy but at the same time very lengthy. You need to ride horse right from beginning. Simple questions on nested if else statements/loops etc were there. No deep questions on pointers (or even arrays) we\'re there. Almost all questions included logical and bitwise operators so do good study of them, be quick and you have cracked this one.

After that, for common apps and MS office, go study Microsoft Excel. I don\'t even know why they require this, but any random questions were asked in this section. Also some simple questions were there like where will you use CC/To/BCC in gmail. And what factory reset in smartphone does etc.

Next subsection was networking and cloud fundamentals. It had least no. Of questions in entire paper, but there was nothing like "fundamentals or basics". Questions were on deep level like which key carries minimum size and what not. I just fluked 50-60% of questions in this one.

After submission of test, you will have to wait 5 mins and result would be thrown on your face. If you have passed then it will congrats you and ask you to move to take coding assessment. Remember as already said it\'s compulsory now to take this assessment. It\'s not direct elimination round like cognitive and technical assessment, but indirectly it can lead to your elimination as if you can\'t solve codes, then you will get less marks overall and your rank will get down. However it\'s MANDATORY to ATTEMPT this round, and not to SOLVE questions. If you can\'t solve questions then you can skip them one\'s you enter assessment. And pray to God that cut off will be lower. But if you just skip coding test itself before entering then they will terminate you right there.

So coding test consist of 2 questions for 45 mins. One question will be easy one which will have 10 marks while other one would be difficult one carrying 20 marks. So it\'s very important that you solve these. In our college those who couldn\'t solve at least question got eliminated in interview round as final score was very less. First question was on collatz series for me, while another one was to fill square matric in clockwise order. C, c++, java, python were allowed. My friend was asked about finding standard deviation as 10 marks question. I solved only 1st question and was struggling for second one. Also remember, only output is not enough. They will give you final score based on time complexity and space complexity of your program. So try to make code efficient too!

After this we got mail about communication assessment. We got link to take this test which is conducted by versant. It\'s very easy and funny test. It consists of topics like reading given sentences, repeating sentences that you will hear from pre recorded voice, story retelling (recorded voice will tell you short story, which you have to narrate in your own way. Be sure to include names of characters and places you heard to get good marks) , simple 1-2 word question answers and finally 2 HR questions. You can search YouTube about versant test to get more info. Just like coding assessment, only direct elimination could happen if you didn\'t participate in test. If you have participated in it, then there would be no direct elimination at this round, but uhh. Score you get in this assessment will affect your overall score and can cause indirect elimination at final stack ranking if you got less score in this. But it\'s nothing to worry about. Only way you can get less marks in this test is if you keep quiet! So be very clear, don\'t fake your accent and try to earn marks that you may have lost in previous assessment.

After this we got call for virtual interview. 2 panel (TR+HR) members vs 1 student. As already noted, it may change in next year (if corona thingy is over by then). Though theoretically TR+HR, practically it was only HR round. Questions asked to me were:.

1. How was your lock-down? What did you do in lock-down?

2. Where are you from? your native place?

3. Then another interviewer joined. They both described themselves very neatly and in friendly manner. And asked me to introduce myself.

4. Please explain project that you are working on?

5. You have knowledge of C, RDBMS as we see from your resume. Did you implement any of this technology in your project?

6. Then some normal questions on my project, even though it was of mechanical domain. My project was industrial waste water treatment using acoustic waves, so he asked me how will you actually know that how much water is getting purified?

7. So you are from mechanical branch. There are many companies like Godrej, L&T which look for mechanical engineers, then why IT? (This is very important question for core student. Please prepare one solid answer for it or you are mostly out of scene. ).

8. I\'m glad that you finally made your choice of joining IT. But how will you compete with CS/IT students, who have deep knowledge about IT field? And when you will join company there would be many hardcore programmers. How would you prepare to match their standard?

9. How did you prepare for IT?

10. Have you participated/organized any event outside academics? Tell us something about that.

11. Have you encountered any conflicting situation with your friends? How did you handle it?

12. I see you got 9. 82 pointer. Are you topper? Or is there anyone having more pointer than u?

13. Any questions for us?

Both were friendly and interview was very easy. Just be confident. They asked some questions on project that were confusing, but don\'t show them that you are confused. They only check communication skills at this stage. Also be sure to ask some questions to them. After this after 2 days I got mail saying that I\'m selected for ASE and your Accenture profile is created and to accept letter of intent by logging in the profile. Did this. Glad to be part of Accenture.

Now about statistics. Some 350+ students appeared for drive from our college. Out of which 167 passed cognitive round (and obviously coding and communication assessments as these were not direct elimination rounds). After interview only 73 got selected. So it\'s clear that these "indirect marks" Played very important role in eliminating people. Though it\'s zonal level selection, they usually hire many students from each college, as per my knowledge, they have selected 65-75 students from most colleges (except few, in which they took as low as 15-16 students). So speaking relatively, Accenture is still bulk employer with hardened characteristics :P.