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Accenture Interview Experience - Pune
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I would like to share my Accenture interview experience.

There were 2 rounds.

First round comprised of,

Verbal - 20.
Logical - 20.
Quant - 20.
Technical - 30.

Each question carried 1 mark. There were total 90 questions and time was 90 minutes.

There was sectional cutoff due to which most of students failed.

Wheebox platform was used for test.

Test was quite easy.

Quant questions were from profit-loss, time and work, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Height and Distance.

Technical questions were based on C prog, MS-OFFICE and EXCEL.

Second round was group interview.

There were 2 interviewers and 5 students.

This round was HR type.

Questions asked to me were,
Where are you from?
Tell me about your project.(some cross questions on it).
What do you mean by diversity?
Diversity at workplace-your views.

Questions asked to other students were,

What is your hobby?
Do you watch news daily?
Then asked about current news.

As one student was from sangli he asked,
Why there were floods in sangli?
Questions regarding punjab floods.

One was from vidarbha so, asked him about water scarcity in vidarbha.

Do you support separate vidarbha?

Questions depends on interviewer.

Our interview was lasted for 20-25 minutes while my friend\'s interview was completed in 8-10 minutes.

Regarding first round,

There were 2 parts.

First part was test mentioned above.

If your clear first part then it will ask you whether you want to apply for ASE or FSE.

If you click on FSE then next will be two coding questions to be solved in 45 minutes. One question is easy one is hard.

If you click on ASE then test will end and you will be applicable for ASE role.

All the best.