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Accenture Interview Experience - Bangalore, 7/9/2018
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Hi guys, this is my first time writing on Indiabix. I\'m thankful to this website so here goes,

It was on-campus (Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bangalore) and the entire process is changed.

I\'d say the test was easy to moderate. 20 questions in each sections (verbal,quants and logical). There was sectional cut-off, pretty low though.

The verbal section was easy. It contained reading comprehensions, synonyms, antonyms, and sentence completion ( no preparation required).

The logical was time consuming, it had flow charts, seating arrangements, statements and conclusion,
direction test(just go through Indiabix).

The quant section was moderate. Expect DI, problems on ages, time and work, time and distance( Again Indiabix is enough).
Only circuit branches including CS/IT were allowed. Around 380 people appeared and 186 cleared it.

The interview was scheduled next day and batches were allotted to students. Interview panel had TR+HR
It was a group interview(5 at once).

General HR questions and current affairs was asked. I was asked about automation.

Around 170 cleared I guess. So it was pretty easy to clear Accenture.

P.S I was rejected(I think the reason is because he asked me whether I knew C lang and I told him I didn\'t know and the rest 4 were asked about pointer and they got selected. Students with low grade English and knowledge cleared it as they went to different panels. I guess bad luck but I\'m over it now) .