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Accenture Interview Experience - GITAM University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, 11, 12th Oct 2017
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Hi friends,

There were two rounds initially. Firstly the written which was conducted by AMCAT. Generally this consists of 74 questions (90 minutes). I wouldn\'t say that quant was too easy. It was of moderate level, verbal the synonyms, antonyms were repeated from previous papers. And logical were also of moderate level. Try courses of conduira online which would be very very useful for both written and interview as well. The result were out and out of 850 students 686 made it out to the interview round.

And the interview focus of Accenture is the HR questions. It was a 2 on 5 group interview. 1- HR, 1-TR, and 5 students from various branches or may be the same branch (4 - ECE, 1- Mech). Generally for Accenture the main focus is on communication skills and women empowerment. Chances are more for girls to get into Accenture because Accenture has a goal of making the number of male employees equal to number of women employees by 2025 now it is (60 %-men, 40%- women).

The questions asked for me were,

1. Tell me about yourself apart from whats in the resume?
2. Why Accenture(answer the HR questions in a creative manner like focus on Accenture social service, ethics of Accenture).
3. Why should I hire you?

Out of 686, 384 made it into Accenture. I\'m one of them.

Practice logs, profit loss, p and c, these make about 85 % of questions in AMCAT.

Thank you hope this is a useful stuff and worth your time.