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Accenture Interview Experience - Coimbatore 06/10/16
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Hey Guys, first of all, All the Best for your interview Preparations No matter what just keep hustling eventually you will reach your goal one day!

Day 1:

A team of 20 had come to our campus to deliver the pre-placement talk, it was so lively and interactive I was so intrigued by their PPT. We were then sent to our respective labs to attend first round (i.e Aptitude) which was conducted by AMCAT aspiring minds, Well generally as far as I read it in IndiaBix, everyone mentioned it was very easy to crack, but for me it\'s just a normal AMCAT test with both hard and easy questions lining up one after another, First section was verbal (one myth that our college people believed was if you get three RCs you will get through the first round) it was pretty easy to crack, then Quants most people find this one hard nut to crack since there are no sectional cut-offs you can pass through this hurdle easily, Logical was cakewalk! After an hour they announced the results, out of 800, 690 got through.

Day 2:

Interview was very fun and enthralling one! A group of five were sent to f2f , so I was one among other dept students, since I am the only one from EEE (others Mech, ECE, MCT, CSE) they asked me to introduce myself and pour in some questions regarding my projects, I explained it so well while the others stammered a bit to converse with the interviewer. Well, to be precise the interviewer was so friendly and he made us so comfortable. My interview (our batch) went on for half an hour, results were announced the very evening! by god\'s grace, I was lucky enough to get through and totally they have selected 456 out 690 among them 301 are girls!!