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Accenture Interview Process - BMSCE 28 & 29 Sept 2016
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There will be 2 rounds.

1) Aptitude.
2) Interview.

Package is 3.5 lacs and job is mainly IT based, but they recruit from all the branches
Aptitude was pretty easy, conducted by \'AMCAT\'.

25 questions on verbal (25 mins), 25 questions on Quantitative aptitude (35 mins) and 24 questions on Logical Reasoning (35 mins).

Key here is to manage time, questions will be from,

- Ratio and proportions.
- Percentages.
- Profit and loss.
- Logarithms.
- Speed Time Distance.
- Averages.
- Compound Interest.
- Probability, Permutation and Combination etc for quants.
- Logical reasoning will have,
Relationships, Number series, & If PHONE: ASDFG::HONEY: ?, etc.
- Verbal will have,
Synonyms, Antonyms, Reading Comprehension, Sentence correction, etc.

NOTE : You cannot flag the question and come back, you have to mark it before going to the next one.

There is no negative marking. Aptitude results will be announced within 3 hrs, once you clear apti there will be Face to Face round consisting of 2 in a panel. One will be Technical other will be HR interviewer.

A batch of 5 students (3 boys and 2 girls) will be interviewed together.

General questions were asked,

- Introduce Yourself.
- Tell me about your project.
- What are the challenges face during your project, how did you overcome it?
- Why Accenture?
- Why IT? (for non-IT branches)
- How have you prepared yourself for IT?
- What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Talk about any topic for 2 mins etc.

TIPS: Technical questions will be asked for IT students. Know about the current trends, Latest technology etc.

Out of 553 students in our college, 332 of them cleared apti and 248 of them were placed and I was one among them.

Good Luck.