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ACCENTURE Interview Experience - VIT campus Chennai, November 07 2015
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Hi guys, I am a B.E Computer science engineering graduate from one of the Anna University affiliated colleges (I don\'t want to expose the name as it is not worth telling). I am gonna share my experience in a lengthy way. So please don\'t get irritated.

Coming to my studies, I got 73 percentile of marks in BE. I am very average in technical.

I didn\'t got any placement from my college as I already said it is not a worthy college. I was literally depressed as I was rejected on all the companies I walk in.

Some days back I got a mail from aspiring minds to register for a off campus drive which was about to happen later that week. Then only I remembered that I wrote AMCAT exam 8 months back. So I applied for that.

After two days I got a hall ticket mail which told that the interview venue is VIT Chennai on 07 NOV 2015 at 07:30 AM.

After seeing that I started preparing on aptitude, technical stuffs like C, C++, Java etc..(To be honest I forgot them)


As my house is 20 km away from the venue, I planned to start by 6.30 AM. But when I woke up, I was shocked that there was heavy rain in Chennai and people are moving in waist level water. The bus facility for the venue was also not frequent. So I kept a spare dress on my bag and started on my bike.

After one hour of terrible ride in the dirt waters, I reached the place almost like a Tarzan. So changed up my clothes and went to a room where all the interview candidates were waiting. The candidates were arguing something with the aspiring minds people. I asked a candidate and he said they are not allowing inside even if you don\'t have any of your marksheet (mark sheet, provisional, ID proof).

I haven\'t got my 8th Sem marksheet from my college. So I asked them what can do then. They told us we will give you half an hour time to bring all the required docs. If you wont come, we will start the process. Myself with many of the guys didn\'t have the ID proof. So we went outside the college in search of a printout shop. We could barely see any shop as the college is situated outside the city. We say a shop after travelling 2 km and it was kept closed as the time was just 8.20 AM.

After 10 mins the shopkeeper came and we took the required document copies and reached the campus at 8.45. They made us wait in room for almost an hour. After that two people came and distributed employee registration form and checklist form. We filled that and stappled along with our documents and moved to the next room where some other people were checking the documents. We stood in the queue and I gave my documents and they told me you token number is 81.

So I was told to wait on another room and after an hour or so. They called first twenty token numbers and after sometime, my turn came and I gone to the 2nd floor. I thought there might be a aptitude test but to my surprise they told that you will have direct HR round. We all guys were happy and we were set to stand as 5 people in a panel. As my token number was 81, I was the first person on my panel. 2 girls and 2 boys joined me.

And there were two HR persons sitting (a lady and a gentleman). They were very cool and we sat on the chair according to our token numbers.

Interviewer 1: Hi all. I am xxxx working in Accenture for past so and so. Ok introduce yourself.

Every one did.

Interviewer 2: We will give you a topic and you have speak about for 2 mins without any preparation. The topic is "is India a developing country".

I was the first to start. As I am good at current affairs I spoke about it for 2 mins (I blabbered in between).

To my surprise every body spoke about it without any problem.

Interviewer 1: OK. Tell be about your project in short.

Me: I just told the summary of my project for 20 seconds.

And everybody started explaining nook and corner of their project. I was sitting helpless that time. It looked like the HR was more impressed by the 4th guy.

Interviewer 2: Is there any questions from you?

I was like omg is the interview over? I haven\'t even impressed the HR by my communication.
Everybody asked a question to them and they answered with a smile. They told us to wait on the same room we were waiting on the morning. I totally lost my confidence and was about to leave. My friend told me to wait till the result. So I waited.

The AMCAT persons told us to have our lunch and be back at time. We had our lunch and came at 1.30 PM.

We all were gathered in a single class and were eagerly waiting for the result. But we were kept waiting for another 1.5 hours and a HR came finally at 3 O\'Clock and started reading names.
My heart was pounding at that time. And when he called my name, I was in cloud9. I could not say how I felt that time. There were about 130 people (I was surprised because for a off campus drive, the number looks pretty low). In that 130, around 66 people were selected. All the 5 people from my panel got selected. They told the other candidates to leave for the day and he started to tell about the salary packages and some stuffs about Accenture. Now I am looking to start up my career in ACCENTURE.

All the best guys :)