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Accenture Interview Experience - Atharva College of Engineering, Mumbai, Oct 6, 2015
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Ashish Yerunkar
I would like to start off by thanking IndiaBix for helping me with my Quantitative, Logical and Verbal sections so much! The questions provided on the website for different chapters are quite sufficient I would say to pass the Accenture aptitude exam!

Now proceeding further, Accenture placement procedure was carried out by AMCAT in my college, there are 2 placement consultants who carry out placement for Accenture, AMCAT and MeritTrac.

So depending on the test time you could find out who is going to carry out the test in your college, MeritTrac\'s aptitude test lasts for 1 hr whereas AMCAT tests last for around 1 hr 30 mins approximately. If you find out who is going to carry out your aptitude exams in the college its just a matter of time before you find out the proper portion for your aptitude exams.

The placement procedure in my college lasted for 2 days, 1st day we had our aptitude exams whereas on the next day we had our PI\'s. The aptitude exam was quite easy and about 245 students out of 380-390 were selected for the next round. I would like to remind you again that please try and find out who is going to conduct the tests in your college because once you do its just a matter of time to find out the right portion. The results of our aptitude tests were announced on the same day in college itself and the selected students were called tomorrow to college for PI\'s.

The next day there were about 8-10 people who came from the HR team of Accenture to take our PI\'s. Every panel had 2 HR members and there were about 4-5 parallel interviews being carried out at the same time. Now here\'s the tricky part and this is where your luck plays a huge role.

A few panels, I would say 2 were taking only Technical interviews, 2-3 were taking Technical+HR interviews and 2-3 were taking just HR rounds. So where you end up entirely depends on your luck. Every panel would have 2 members taking interviews of 5 students each. I had just 1 HR round wherein I was asked to introduce myself, My strengths and weaknesses and extempore. The topic for my extempore was Online learning, fairly an easy topic I would say. The other topics for extempore that day were, Sun and Moon, UPA vs NDA, Old is Gold, Is execution more important or Is planning more important, E-commerce, Global Villages, Best Entrepreneur of this generation and many more.

As for the interview process the advices I would like to give are:

1) Pay attention when someone else is speaking in your group, they keep an eye out there to see who is listening when someone else speaks.

2) Do Not be nervous. Do not Stammer.

3) If the HR is casual and friendly don\'t be trapped into this and try to be as professional as possible.

4) You will have about 3-4 minutes to think for your extempore, use this time wisely and speak confidently.

Thank you and Best of luck.