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ABB Placement Paper (Quantitative And PCM)
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Sundar Raj
ABB placement paper 1  
Paper :  ABB Placement Paper (Quantitative And PCM) 

QUANTITATIVE PAPER + PCM paper 45 Questions ---------45 minutes  
1. About 10 quanti questions ( based on Mixture, Work etc. of very easy type) 
2. What is GDP ? 
3. Vector algebra, codition for Co-planer vector etc. 
4. Gravitation, geo-synchronous satellite( it\'s hight, orbit , radius etc.), escape velocity, how g (gravitational accln) varies, about 
gravitational potential. 
5. Basic electricity and Magnetism----Biot-savart law, current carrying conductor properties. 
6. Nuclear physics, Bohr\'s constant, and Other theories related . 
7. Problem based on VIBGYOR , how wave length and frequency is varying. 
8. Questions based on Plank\'s Theory, E =hv 
9. V=u + at , V2=u2 + 2as and W = mgh questions based on above theory 
10. Faraday\'s laws of electrolysis, m = Zit 
11. Heat conduction problem. 
12. Co lour-coding of resistor (BBROYGBVGW) 
13. How velocity of light changes in different medium while frequency remain unchanged. 
14. statistics , calculation of mode, co-efficient regression (3-4 Questions) 
15. f(x) = Sin x + Cos x, find the maximum value of the function.......
Ans: sqrt (2) 
16. Formulae for parallel plate capacitor and force between plates Comments