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Airport Authority of India Interview Experience - 26.04.2015
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Anurag mahanta
I appeared for Junior Executive (Electronics) post in AAI.

Total questions: 120 (no negative).
Duration: 120 minutes.

Technical question: 84 (MCQ\'s).
General studies and English: 36 (MCQ\'s).

A good preparation and you can definitely clear the written exam round.

Since questions papers are taken back, I have remembered a few questions.

Technical round:

1. What is not possible as the dominant mode in rectangular waveguide?

2. What are advantages of VSB?

3. What is ducting?

4. One question on Maxwell\'s equation.

5. Question on hall coefficient. (go for it in EDC in details)

6. Intel\'s timer circuit (8253).

7. Simple problem on Y parameter (go for it in network theory).

8. Pn junctions concept (very important).

9. Problem on adc resolution.

10. Simple network theory problems (to find out voltage and current).

11. Piezocrystal properties (very important 3 questions came).

12. Application of transducers (active passive etc).

13. Tunnel diode and schottky diode questions (go for the transfer characteristics regarding negative resistance).

14. Problem on Fourier series of sine square x (important).

15. Problem on Fourier transformation.

16. To find out B (bita) (go for details regarding CC, CE, CB current gain relations, viz; alpha, beta, gamma and comparisons of properties regarding all three modes.

17. Base conversion in digital electronics.

18. Sine wave to square wave conversion ie, Schmidt Trigger.

19. Propagation delay calculation regarding full adder (go for details with counter, flip flops).

20. Questions regarding para magnetism and curie temperature.

21. VSWR calculation.

22. Problem on drift velocity.

These are few questions.

I will recommend to go with basics especially microwave, transmission lines and EMT, properties and matters, electronics measurement instruments.

Don\'t give much emphasis on digital communication. In case of signals and systems, devote your time with Fourier series and Fourier transformation properties.

In analog, don\'t waste time on pie models. Prepare for resonance, phasors and 2 port N/W\'s.

In Basic control, I am not much familiar and interested, still go for basic equations and properties regarding settling time, peak overshoot time, lag and lead compensater, and obviously second order steady error rates. Don\'t waste your time in summers and block connecting diagrams.

In digital: Counters, FFS characteristic equation and Conversion, Shift registers, POS, SOP, ADC and DAC.

Transmission lines: Impedance matching, reflection co eff, VSWR relations and individual equations.

EMT: Maxwell\'s equations, divergence, gradient, stoke\'s theorem and divergence theorem.

Microwave: Microwave applications and devices, ground and space propagation.

In EDC: Diodes (tunnel, schottky, photodiode, zener in details). FET basics, MOSFET basics regarding ohmic and pentode region and different types of MOSFET and JFET. Hall effect, pn junction (in details).      

General Studies:

Basic history questions and current affairs.


Comprehension, Voice, Narration.