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Premlata Singh
Hi Friends

Question paper consists of two sections:
Section I: Non-Technical
Section II: Technical

1. General Knowledge
2. General English (fill in the blanks, error correction, one word is given and u have to check that the use of given word is correct in the options given or not, and some other questions)
3. Reasoning (coded relations questions and other questions)
4. Questions of intelligence

Subjects in technical section are:
1. Radar
2. Communication
3. Linear / digital device
4. Computer networking

Some technical questions that I remember are:

1. Radar is used for?

2. COHO in MTI Radar uses which freq.?

3. CMRR of amplifier?

4. Binary to hexadecimal conversion?

5. Decimal to hexadecimal conversion?

6. Firewalls are used for?

7. Full form of FPGA?

8. Numerical based on Duty cycle and peak power?

9. If transmitted power is increased by 16 then range is increased by 
a) 16, b)8, c)4, d) none of these?

10. AGC is used in which of the stage
a) receiver b) oscillator c) both a and b d) none of these?

11. Delayed AGC is used for which purpose?

12. Question based on the value of mirroring?

13. Question based on RAID.

14. Bridge is used for which of the OSI layer?

15. 5-6 questions are based on various OSI layer and TCP/IP.

16. Which type of feedback is used in amplifier
a) +ve b) -ve c) both a and b d) none of these?

17. Question based on i/p impedance of transmission line of a given wavelength.

18. What are three things for workstations of DNS server?

19. Which of the following is free-running?
a)monostable multivibrator b)astable multivibrator, c)both a and b, d) none of these?

20. 2-3 questions based on voltage and current source.

21. One question of VCO.

NOTE: There might be some mistakes as I don\'t remember the questions exactly.....