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3i Infotech Job Interview Placement Paper 2006
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Paper : 3i Infotech Job Interview Placement Paper 2006
 Group Discussion
The topics are very general ,there is absolutely no need for preparation.
Topics for my and next group are like
Can a person be in politics and be clean as well?
Is attendance mandatory in the colleges?
Here they are shortlisting ruthlessly around 50%..only 5 members were shortlisted in my group of 10..same for the next express your opinion and be in discussion.
There are no moderators for the discussion we have to moderate ourselves..
and have to take chances to express  ur right or wrong answers!.Hope u can.
The interview is scheduled for afternoon at 1:30..and there is no time keeping from the interview panel side..they came in 2:30 in a relaxed state leaving us standing for one hour without any chairs. Everyone who got selected is nervous about the interview.No one still know whether it will be technical or general.
About the interview
Only 2 memebers are there in the interview panel. I entered into the room and they offered me a seat and asked me for my resume and the interview printout.I handed it over to the guy.
He looks into my resume and asked me ..
1) what is your qualification?
My answer: XX from X university
I guessed: Anyone who looks at my resume should ask one more question, or atleast show interest in the qualification..because that is different..but nothing happened
2) Can you introduce yourself?
My answer: I told what i am doing i am experienced...and how i can fit ito the job..
My guess: they are expecting a very traditional i am Mr X..finished X degree and blah blah about personal details.
3)How can you relate your experience to the IT field?
My answer: I had experience in financial services..and told them how it is useful to the company as 3i is also in the same domain offering its products and services.
My guess: They seem to have no idea about financial services and the type of work i am doing .. so a bit not satisfied.
4)Have you done any IT courses?
I told them what i have done..i have done an ERP course panel response: I dont think there is nothing to learn in the ERP
My guess:If you know C++, Java then only they feel it is an IT course.
5) what are your strenghts?
I told what i got..including the transferable skills which i can bring from my previous job..
My guess: They are looking for hardcore technical skills
6)Do you have any questions?
I told Yes..and asked them about the training programme and the bond details..
they havent told any thing about until i asked about it.
Now i am a bit disappoined about what they said about the bond