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You have a network with a subnet of Which is the valid host address?
Answer: Option
A Class B network ID with a /22 mask is, with a block size of 4 in the third octet. The network address in the question is in subnet with a broadcast address of Only option E even has the correct subnet mask listed, and is a valid host.
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Monty said:   6 years ago
According to the question, this is given but while solving u said in question is used which makes only option D as a correct answer but as per real question, both A & D can be right.

Usha said:   5 years ago
As per question, we need valid host address and the correct option is D, can you explain how is valid host address?

Abera said:   2 years ago
D is the correct answer in the case of /22 = but A not.

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