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The stress induced in a body, when suddenly loaded, is __________ the stress induced when the same load is applied gradually.
equal to
four times
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Nemish said:   8 years ago
σ impact load = (F/A)[1+(1+2hAE/F)^0.5].

Shivanjal mehra said:   8 years ago
No specific solution is available for this question.

Mani deepak said:   8 years ago
As in gradually applied load, load varies from 0 to a.

The net load applied is w1 = w/2.

So, the stress is p = w/(2a).

For suddenly applied load stress p1 = w/a.

p1/p = 2, p1 = 2p.

So, stress due to suddenly applied is twice of gradually applied load.

Himanshu Sharma said:   8 years ago
Can anyone please explain how it can be twice?

AMOL MORE said:   8 years ago
When the load applied gradually then stress induce = W/A.

When the load applied suddenly then stress induce = 2 * W/A.

By comparing.

(stress) suddenly = 2 * (stress) gradually.

Akash said:   8 years ago
Here, σ impact load = (F/A)[1 + (1 + 2hAE/FL)^0.5].

Avipsa said:   8 years ago
Yes, it is experimentaly proved.

Sam said:   8 years ago
σ impact load = (F/A)[1 + (1 + 2hAE/FL)^0.5].

What is L in this formula?

Amar k m s said:   7 years ago
At gradually (f=w only or m.g) but in sudden there will inertia in addition to it so ( f=w+m.a) then will (f=2w).

Syed mudassir said:   7 years ago
L is length of the plate.

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