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The function of an alternator in an automobile is to
supply electric power
convert mechanical energy into electrical energy
continually recharge the battery
partly convert engine power into electric power
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Devraj said:   1 decade ago
The main propose of alternator. Is Convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. That's it.

Udit Nandy said:   1 decade ago
Please explain the difference between Alternator & Dynamo?

Sabari said:   1 decade ago
It is not true. Purpose of battery is to start the engine and restore it energy. While alternator is running after that power from alternator goes to each and every part of engine (not from battery).

Velu.s said:   1 decade ago
Alternator charges the battery, that's it. It has nothing to do with powering the lights gauges or anything like that. If the alternator is malfunctioning, the battery will eventually die. For most cars manufactured after 1990, if the alternator does not work at all, it could prevent the car from starting.

I hope the answer is correct.

Niranjan gupta said:   1 decade ago
How alternator recharge the battery?

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