What changes would you make if you came on board?

HR Interview
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Ram said:   1 month ago
I do my best and I will do hardwork for the best results.

Abdulfaruq Choudhari said:   9 months ago
I'll make a healthy work environment in the organization, as there is a workload on employees. I'll try not to put more pressure on them, by which they might make mistakes in their work. So to avoid these problems, I'll let them work freely.

Josh said:   10 months ago
I will bring passion the commitment to the team that always focuses on ensuring your business Grows we do all we can help you consistently achieve commercial success.

Nuwenyine honah said:   1 year ago
I will make sure that my fellow workers are getting all their benefits accordingly and on time.

Pravin Yadav said:   2 years ago
I'm hardworking and dedicated to the job, and I would ensure that I would work to the fullest of my capabilities.

Sasidhar said:   3 years ago
It's not recommended unless fair opinion among the team and approved decisions comments and remarks exclamations and choosing right decision.

GODALOLLA JAIRAJ said:   3 years ago
I am sure I'll put my best effort to improve our company it is benefited to the customer and definitely I'll take suggestions from our experienced person of our company senior's colics, which will satisfy the current needs and make the organization running.

GAURAV KR said:   3 years ago
First of all, I don't make any change in starting phase, in the beginning, I will understand rules and regulation of the company and see the past record policy and I will not make any change if it is not necessary and I will identify where the company is lagging behind and take a decision after consulting higher authority and employee of our company.

Sriteja said:   3 years ago
Good morning sir.

Firstly thank you, sir, for this giving beautiful opportunity.

I am Sriteja, I am from Hyderabad. I have done up to my 10th standard at Nalgonda.

I had completed my diploma at Suryapet and now I am pursuing my graduation at Gurunanak Institutions in Hyderabad.

I have a good louder voice and I easily interact with others.

My weekeness is I easily trust the persons.

And coming to my hobbies, I am aware of day to day updated world, and learing new things.

And coming to my goals.

My short term goal is placed at a reputed company.

And my long term goal is I would like to get a government job.

Prashant Sadrani said:   4 years ago
Well Sir, if I come on board I would first like to understand and get familiar with the present working and systems in place.

I would initiate to make changes only if its highly essential.

I strongly believe that its too early for me to make changes in the present systems, procedures and policies for a company of your standing and repute.


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