Tell me honestly about the strong points and weak points of your boss (company, management team, etc.)

HR Interview
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Komal said:   2 years ago
My first priority is to join this company. After 5 years, I want to see myself as more knowledgeable blessed and more responsible with a good career.

James Kintu said:   2 years ago
My boss had immense energy and zeal for work. He networked perfectly with the outside environment to support the organisation and looked for resources from all legitimate sources. However, he expected every other head of the department to behave like him, which actually did not materialise, so he often called us to weekly meetings to encourage us along and guide us on how to effectively carry out the company's vision.

Revanth said:   3 years ago
No, sir.

I can't reveal the flaws of that company.
I think those may impact other company's performance.
So, in my view these very confidential.

BRAMHAIAH said:   3 years ago
Pleasant morning sir/madam,


It's a one of the tricky question sir. Before going to start giving an answer to your question here I would like to mention one thing I. E, Every coin is having Head & Tail. In this way Everyone having Strong and Weak points so, No one is perfect. Every person has some pitfalls definitely, but I haven't noticed because I always consider the positive side of a person and also I think I am not the right person to judge him.

GAURAV KR said:   4 years ago
As we all know "A coin has both sides" the positive as well as negative the positive side of our boss is he is very hardworking, very punctual and take very quick decision and he is very unbiased in nature and he is excellent in problem-solving and on the other side talking about the negativity I am not the right person to reveals his negativity.

Poustina Manju Margaret said:   4 years ago
I don't judge people. Each one has their own abilities to handle a team and also individuals. So there's nothing like strong and weak points sometimes certain situation what seems good to us may seem foolish to others so it makes no sense talking about others weaknesses or strengths. My boss was good in his own way. We need not imitate others but rather be ourself to prove our selves.

Veena said:   4 years ago
The strong point about my boss as he was a fun-loving person to work with. He was very honest and hardworking. He was very punctual and good at solving problems. He was good at making right decisions. He was very open-minded and job-focused and would appreciate an employee's hard work.

The weak points I would say he did not like any GOSSIP or DRAMA.

Sachiv said:   5 years ago
According to me, My boss have too much patience and team management power, honesty how to talk to employee they know very well. Sorry I could not judges negative point in my boss.

Shivali sharma said:   6 years ago
There are many strong points and it is difficult to choose a few but I have learnt time management, discipline from my boss. "A coin has both sides" in the same way everyone has weak points also but I can not say weak points because I feel I'm not the right person to reveal.

Riya said:   6 years ago
My last TL was very organized and punctual about everything and he makes sure that we behave in the same manner and the second thing is he actually cares about the team members he literally goes and fights with his manager for our leaves and extra. I didn't see any weak point but about the management, I really do not like the cab facility of my last company we have to wait at least 40 to 55 minutes after our shift ends.

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