How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

HR Interview
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Iranna Teli said:   7 days ago
As long as I feel job satisfaction and career growth, challenges in work, while contributing to the company’s growth and success.

Koppanapudi Suvarna said:   4 weeks ago
As mentioned earlier, In my previous company I work for 7 Years, So; Now also I will work hard for company as well as my future.

MGP said:   4 weeks ago
I would like to work here as long as I can provide value and growth to this organisation.

Pavitra Patidar said:   4 weeks ago
Everyone looks for a bright future, a healthy work environment and a good salary and I'm pretty sure that your company gives all such things so I don't need to change the company as long as possible.

Revathi Ambati said:   4 weeks ago
Sir, as a fresher I am not declaring no of years to work. I want to prove myself and also do hard work to increase the reputation of the company. It will help my future for further growth.

Sunil Choudhary said:   4 weeks ago
There is no specific number of years, I would like to work where I can continuously gain skills and get more knowledge and I would like to be in a respectful position in your organization. I will like to work for your company as long as your company needs me and I will try to move your company to its best position.

Dinesh sidh said:   3 months ago
Sir, I am working here at the company to prove that I'm a skilled person in his field and I asset to our company until then I am working here.

Shivaling Navi said:   3 months ago
As long as the work challenges my ability to do it and give an opportunity to build my career.

Shrd g said:   4 months ago
Sir, I am not that person who takes experience and leave the company.

I will stay in your company as long as I can & I will try to move the company at the best position.

Bala subramanyam said:   4 months ago
Sir as a fresher I will do my job for gaining knowledge, learn new skills, and for a better lifestyle. I will be continuing my work without any reason for a long time till I am secure. And I know our company was the best place for all this and a better place for a job lifestyle.

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