Describe your ideal company, location and job.

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Chandan pandey said:   6 days ago
My ideal company is IBM, at Pune as a developer.

Chandan pandey said:   6 days ago
My ideal company is IBM, in Pune as a developer.

Chandanpandey said:   6 days ago
I'm Chandan Pandey willing To work in an innovative and challenging environment equipped with state-of-art technology that enhances my skill and knowledge my desire and drive to succeed will be an asset, which I will contribute to the organizational growth and profitability.

Harshitha said:   1 month ago
According to me.

My ideal company is to work at a good company and give my best to the company.

Khushjeet kaur said:   4 months ago
An ideal company is one which provides the best to their employees which the other companies cannot provide them. And even the company should encourage them then we can give a better output.

An ideal job is a job which gives self-satisfaction to the core as it is our dream job. And it is a job where I should work from my heart.

Location means a peaceful environment where we can have better fun along with work. And having a good team around. And where we can find all the above discussed. This is what I think sir. Thank you.

Shakthi shetty said:   7 months ago
According to me:.

*Ideal company is one which provides the employee's a healthy and supportive environment. And built employee's Carrier.

*ideal job in which I can get job satisfaction.

My ideal location is Banglore.

Harshal pathade said:   8 months ago
According to me, the ideal company is where we will work freely with our team members and the environment is also related to learning something new from the organisation.

The organisation is also active in take some activities for their employees so this very unique thing.

Sanam Singh said:   9 months ago
My ideal company is SBI. Good job, respected people.

Good Working environment.

Pooja bhutada said:   9 months ago
Well according to me, the ideal company is the company which provide a healthy and motivated environment for their employees with good satisfaction and give the best opportunities to enhance their career.

The ideal job is the job where the employee gets more benefits and opportunities to prove themselves and I would prefer job location Bangalore because recently I got married but whenever company need I would like to do short-term travel too.

Abdulfaruq Choudhari said:   9 months ago
My ideal company is Infosys @ Mysore Campus. As this is world class green campus. I love to work here as software test engineer.

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