Smaller businesses and start-ups have more scope for professional growth.

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Krutika said:   1 decade ago
According to me in the large business there are more people belonging to the same hierarchy, and when we talk of the growth then more competition exist. But smaller the business there are less people in the same level of hierarchy hence providing more scope for the professional growth. Therefore it applies the fact that smaller business/start ups have more scope for the professional growth.

Vaishnavi said:   1 decade ago
I agree with the statement that "smaller start-ups have more scope for professional growth".

In small start-ups people work for themselves with very less investment and workers. This provides employment opportunities as well. This earns some profit to some extent which leads to more improvements in business and paves a path for growing professionally to reach their destination.

Some businesses will not have quick growth and the falls in business are quite natural. So one should be positive and have patience to be successful. This comes by experience and one can gain knowledge which helps professional growth of a business.

So smaller start-ups have more scope for professional growth.

Abhi said:   1 decade ago
Smaller business start ups are preferred for professional growth.As an individual one cannot have wider about business and one cannot invest more amount in business.So starting with a smaller business and gaining knowledge about various problems related to the organisation can help in business as well as professional growth.

Ashish said:   1 decade ago
I am really happy to listen my fellow that they give their opinion about to start up business in small or large scale. In my view I think what ever you want to do whether it is related with business or any kind of small scale work for the success of that you need your positive approach towards them. You have to always keep few points in your mind that at any cost you will be success in that business and my hard work will pay me.

Naveen said:   1 decade ago
I am really glad to hear my fellow speaking for the topic but I am not in accordance to my fellow friends. I somehow disagree to the fact that smaller business and start ups have more scope for the professional growth.

I would like to present some of my views for my thoughts.

There are many problems starting a business like you alone can never be able to start a business for starting a business you need a lot of support which is both financial and psychological deficiency to which may lead to fall in a business.

Another problem which you would be facing would be that any business wont get a quick growth.

For a success in nay business you need to have a lot of patience.

Another problem which would come would be that you need a lot of experience regarding that field.

If you are short of any of the conditions you are bound to fail in your start up carrier.

And a job in an MNC would be a far safer idea than opening a new business.

Mahalekshmi said:   1 decade ago
I agree that start-ups play an important role in professional growth. For example, if a lecturer asks for interested students to take seminar, there will be those who will be raising first. So by taking successive seminar these persons will drive-out fear and these persons are said to shine during an interview. So each and every start-up made by an individual benefits the individual.

Dilip said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends, i agree with my friend because, as we and all know that business is one of the top most career in most of the humans life. For example, If a person wants to start a small industry, he has complete knowledge regarding his profession in that industry. If he concentrates on his profession, then automatically the growth of profession as well as his business also increases rapidly. If growth increase, then experience also increases.

Kapil Rathore said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends, I am kapil and i want to initiate the topic "smaller businesses and start-ups have more scope for professional growth", i am totally agreed with this topic because in my opinion, if any body initiate something at small scale either it is a business or career, peoples are more concentrated for their professional growth and always trying to find the ways to reach at their destination instead of the well settled peoples, in a small start-ups peoples has to do all the work by himself only, therefor day by day they got much and much experience, which is definitely the primary key for growth.

Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.

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