Six Billion and One Bronze!

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Sam said: (Aug 8, 2020)  
First and for most, the problem that needs to be addressed is the lack of encouragement from the government's side. Incentives must be provided so that the children and youth of the country would be able to take sports as a career. Proper infrastructure should be developed for sports and most importantly, it should also be properly maintained. Economic assistance should be provided to those who cannot afford the huge cost of training. We find there are so many atheletes in our country with great potential but don't have the money to pay for the professional training courses. They are the first ones to whom this economic assistance must go to. Hence, if proper encouragement from the government is made available, the parents would also not be apprehensive about letting their children take a carrer of their choice.

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Sudarshan Gawande said: (Jul 14, 2018)  
Surely it is so distressing to hear this news that out of six billion of people we had won only one bronze and gold this olympics! But the main question to be asked that who is stalling the Indian athletes to take the big leap?Is it our own system or not?

I think that firstly our civic bodies or our system is greatly responsible for this situation. We (our system) have no elite coaching plans for emerging players at state or national level. We can take example of a sprinter Seema Antil having best achievement of clinching a gold medal at 2014 Asian Games at Incheon concedes that she didn't get right grooming during her transition years. There are no customised plans for talented athletes, no state-of -the-art facillities, no scientific backup.

Second point is there is lack of job security in this field. This is the very huge problem for the athletes who get mired in into various injuries and got sidelined.

Also there are some recalcitrant athletes who make India shamed. For example a 17 year old javelin thrower Rohit Yadhav failed a dope test at a national youth meet and was stripped of his Asian Youth championship silver last year. List of such athletes is endless.

So there shall be some customised plans for the atheletes at the junior level. Also system should care about the job security assurance and right grooming for the emerging athletes. Also our national level athletes should focus on improving their technique instead of focusing on latest food supplements.

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Selva said: (Apr 14, 2018)  
This clearly shows how far India is behind in sports even though our Indian have got the required capacity to snatch medals. If you look at the scenario today many children with astitute sports talents have been masked by politics and lack of support. Even the top medal winners residing in India has not been given proper support. There are many marykoms, many abinav bindras out there. But yet without Government support.

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Pankaj said: (Feb 13, 2018)  
Sports has certainly swept from hands of a sportsman to politicians. And we know how well they play, and easily they get GOLD INSTEAD organisation for even to add a platinum medal and can guaranty achieving it is a blindfolded attempt for our politicians.

That one bronze was a struggle of our players which is a respectable achievement which should not be criticized.

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Polish Vaish said: (Jan 15, 2018)  
In 2016 when Rio Olympics was just on the verge to start all the media houses and our fellow Indians were gazing towards the Indian contingent at the games. Neither of us had given a damn about them a month ago. I think we Indians just love to do things spontaneously. Our attention shifts from the world of dirty politics to the young sports persons when any prestigious event on a global scale takes place. And I would like to mention that as our attention shifts, our dreams and aspirations from our youngsters skyrockets and flies higher than a jet aircraft. But unfortunately when our team returns with a handful of medals the criticism and flak they are subjected to is ridiculous. They are demoralized, dejected and despondency takes over them.

Critics argue that there are a number of reasons of the underperformance of the participants. But the primary one of them is the intervention of politics and corruption into the sports arena If we observe to majority of the sporting bodies of our nation, they are being controlled and managed by politicians. These politicians due to their desire of money making and greed, ruin the sporting body as well as hundreds of careers alongwith them they are also ruining millions of hopes of the native citizens. This has been responsible for the decline in the performance of our players. The potential of our nation is not harnessed by the academies. We still have a long way to go to ensure that the medals are not elusive for us.

Another fact on which I would like to draw the light is that of the narrow mindset of the guardians and parents of the society. The craze and amazement of IIT as a career option has increased phenomenally. People are now much more inclined towards it. This needs to be revamped, we will have to work on it. Birth of future Michael phleps or next Usain bolt is only impossible when students at acknowledged about there achievements so that their children may also get an idea of what it actually means to raise our flag high in the field and depict our nation as the champion of champions in any event so this mindset needs to be revoked and parents must ensure that their children prefer his / her field of the basis of their interest. Our nation still needs to work a lot on this road to success. I think that the steps taken by some other developed nations are really worth appreciating. Some nations in this world have set up sports academies which are properly equipped, developed, and they are training their young ones from a very tender age.

If we draw the criticism of this field it is just next to innumerable. The steps taken by the present govt of establishing khelo India school gmaes is just a giant leap for our nation and one day sooner or later India is also going to be at the top of tally in medal rankings, that day is not far away when when our nation is growing to win a bunch of medals at any professional meet.

So the picture in the frame is going to change very soonly and our children are also going to make our country as well as the country men.

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Rakesh said: (Nov 17, 2017)  
There are many reasons behind it.

Our country gives importance only to one sport and that is cricket. Cricket takes all the fans and there remains no one to encourage or motivate our athletes.

Politics has also degraded our sports culture. In our country, deserving people get less chance to flash their talent. Also corruption is one of the reason.

Our sportsmen don't get better platform or infrastructure for practice. The conditions in our country is also not good.

But still we can overcome this problem by people's support, we need awareness, lots of student who want to pursue their dream in sports field don't get enough family support. According to parents sports is just a hobby and its not a source of better income.

Its all about mindset, if we people change our mindset towards sports then we can develop and improve much faster in almost every sports.

Cricket is like a religion for our people still we see lot of politics even there too. Our government need to take serious steps towards the enhancement of sports by providing opportunities and better platforms yo us.

Let's hope for the best in coming years.

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Piyush Wadhwani said: (Sep 19, 2017)  
Six billion and one bronze! That is what the topic contains too many reasons, of course, this ratio is negligible, first of all, awareness is must, I mean to say due to lack of awareness regarding sports, its competitions, and most important is scholarship in sports availed by government is the major reason, second thing is mob irrespective of talent, the one having a talent or ability in any sport activity are pulled by family, this is the matter of lack of assurance to family, which can be improved by awareness camps and fruitful facility to family.

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Nidhi said: (Sep 9, 2017)  
Six billion and one bronze.

This statement aptly signifies the current status of sports in India. With a population of 1.2 billion, we have just managed to win 2 medals in Olympics. The prime reason being support from family and financial support from the government. There is a budget for sports from the government, Maximum part of it is invested in sports like cricket. Rest all other sports get a minimum share of the budget. This affects the training of athletes that are preparing themselves for such competitions.

Also, there is less support for other sports in comparison to cricket. Eg-the final match of champions trophy was seen throughout the nation but on the same day, there was a hockey match that was seen by a mere part of the population. This is what lack of support for other sports than cricket is about.

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Sathvik Suhan said: (Jun 30, 2017)  
Hello all;.

The Indian sportsperson performance at the Olympics was very regrettable. Due to many problems, India lagging in sports that are funding, sponsorship and training facilities. Most of the sportsperson coming from poor families, they had no source to participate in the sports events. And we also see in many villages, children having more talent in sports but they did not know how to utilise their talent. So they stopped there like a bus. Therefore, In order to curb this problem, we have to create an awareness about sports from school days. Teachers not only encourage the education but also encourage the sports and talented children. The government also takes the responsibility of the funds and talented sportspersons to prove their talent in international sports events.

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Vrsha said: (Apr 4, 2017)  
Yes, there is not denying the fact that ''after having a huge population India is not able to win more medal in Olympic and other international sport. Now India's population is exceeding day by day, in upcoming years it will lag China behind, so the question arises here that what are the reasons that India is lagging in sports, the very first answer is ''interest what I observed is that in India, people are not so much interested in sports. They would like to spend their time illicit work instead of game, next is, awareness there are several sports that are playing around the world but we are not so aware of it, so awareness should b on the top'' ''next is fund because playing sport is not an easy cup of tea that anyone can come & join the crowd. It require proper strategy and clear vision so only it could be possible to participate last but not the least politic because in India, in whichever sector we are lagging behind is just because of our political system, everytime they always found remain in their own caste, creed, custom, communities, culture, or concession etc, soo if they will remain busy on their own so where they will bring the time for sport person, so I'm in a very opinion if we want to win moe and more medal soo it's a time when we will have to push our authorities instead of depending upon them''.

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Yoga said: (Feb 2, 2017)  
Hi, this is Yogananda.

My suggestion on this topic is we have 1.252 billion people in India. But we get total of 6 medals (2 silver and 4 bronze). We so many talented persons are there but they have no money political power. It full based on caste & recommendation and influence and politics. Of course, its international but money can do this.

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Yoganand Katuri said: (Feb 2, 2017)  
Hello, this is Yoganand Katuri.

Wanted to speak few words regarding the given line "SIX BILLION AND ONE BRONZE".

Firstly the population is not in a matter of this kind of information because all depends upon the enhancing of talents in national level. So the person with good practise and concentration regarding certain sport may have chance giving tough competition to opponents and win a medal. Mainly we are responsible not winning the medals because everyone is interested in engineering and medicine rather playing any game. Lack of infrastructure is also another reason for fewer participants in games. Parents should allow the students to learn some sports/games so that they know something about the game, we never expect everyone to participate in Olympics and their conducting way. Mainly every one of must supports them, encourage them rather than knowing only their results and negatives.

Thanks for reading.

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Nishant said: (Nov 3, 2016)  
According to my opinion, sports person and athletes have given their best out of bounds under the current conditions of sports in India. Every year on Feb 28 Union budget is presented by our finance ministry, this time also major part of budget highlights only FDI, infrastructure, and industries. No emphasis is given on education as well as in sports sector. It is a bitter truth that condition of sports in Indian is critical. Sportsperson do not get proper equipment, diet and also coaches. They are asked to get their own private coaches, even knowing that athletes do not belong to a rich family. Moreover, they do their practice at a place with poor infrastructure, where condition of drinking water is really bad. Even in that conditions, they are giving their best. Salute!

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Kavi said: (Oct 25, 2016)  
India had won six medals last Olympics. The number has come down to just two this time with PV Sindhu Sakshi Malika and Dipa missing closely on a medal. Who is to be blamed. The sports infrastructure in India is not sufficient to support athletes to compete at a global standard. Also, youth who look into sports as a career as scared by the financial security which other options offer them. Our population may be large and talent may be good too but many cannot afford these training facilities to compete at a global level.

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Vishal Sharma said: (Sep 22, 2016)  
Hi, Friends!

It's good to hear your valuable opinions.

Yes, I do feel the same. Being the 2nd largest population it is really a matter of shame for us that we hardly can manage to achieve 1 bronze (Sakshi Malik) and 1 silver (P V Sindhu). But the major concern is who is to be blamed for the present scenario?

If we look at our administrative system then yes the government does not take any initiative for the budding athletes in order to promote their talents. Due to which their future is dark if sports are chosen as career options in India, this bears a clear testimony why parents stop their children to pursue sports as a career option. The next thing is those who get into sports profession have to struggle a lot. They have to defy the odds in order to seek proper equipment, necessary training etc. So the lack of infrastructure also plays a pivotal role towards the present condition of sports. Poverty can also be blamed because most of the athletes have to kill their interest and give up because of their financial stature. Thus I feel that the government is totally responsible for the present scenario. If politics is taken out from sports and talent is given opportunity then I surely believe that India will perform better and bring glory to our nation.

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Mohit Bhatt said: (Sep 20, 2016)  
Olympics at Rio began with a lot of hopes and anticipations. Our athletes pushing really hard to make it to the top and fans cheering everywhere. This year was expected to be a different story. Dipa Karmakar became the first Indian female gymnast at Olympics and finished fourth at the Women's Vault Gymnastic events. A bronze and a silver by Sakshi Malik and PV Sindhu and we were done already. There are several reasons which together constitute to India's poor performance at Olympics.

1) Lack of sports culture.

Unless there is a synergized sports culture, you are not going to win a string of medals. A fundamental overhaul is needed and urgently so. -Boria Mazumdaar. Without sports culture, athletes are left out of the supportive environment that is strongly needed in the shaping of better-performing bunch of athletes.

2) Poverty and lack of education.

There is a lack of strong foundation for sportsperson in India. While pursuing their interest in sports they also have to take care of their economic factors and pay a part of their attention towards earning livelihood or education for some. You do not get spared from exams in schools for pursuing sports.

3) Infrastructure.

We do lack the proper infrastructure for training and practice session of athletes that could make them more competent and well equipped to deal with world class athletes. It could have been far better of our athletes have access to better infrastructure and get to play all across the country to stay well practised.

4) Lack of encouragement.

Right from the very beginning youth of India is discouraged to take sports as a career. Parents are more obsessed with the likes of medical and engineering. And for girls, the scenario is worse with an obnoxious list of drawbacks and hindrances they have to face before they could persuade their parents to let them play. Most of us are forced to quit sports, in order to do something that would give them better job security.

Our athletes might not have bagged many medals, but they sure are trying harder and doing better. In years to come with more emphasis towards the development of infrastructure and providing world class facilities for their training, I am sure our athletes will make India proud. More importantly, our encouragement and media focus over sports other than just cricket could do wonders.

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Maha said: (Sep 20, 2016)  
With a second highest population in the world, we are hardly able to bag only two medals that too bronze and silver. I don't think there is a shortage for talents in India but there is a lack of world-class infrastructure. Our country has not even nominated for hosting Olympics. Our government is ready to build many it's but they didn't show any interest to build a world class stadium. Even though if they allocate something, a major part of that goes to the pockets of corrupted officials. India is good in some sports like cricket, chess, kabaddi but unfortunately, they were not included in Olympics. Our culture of restricting girls to go outside is also the main reason. We should give equal importance to all sports. Politics in sports should be abolished because by that we cannot represent the real talent before the world.

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Ayan said: (Sep 8, 2016)  
Yes it is really shameful for all of us. With the second highest population in the world we could only managed to achieve 2 medals. But I don't think there is any shortage of talent in this great nation. But I believe that there is lack of infrastructure to get these talents perform at the world stage. A very cause of this is the so called Politics of India. People choose to play just for getting government jobs under sports quota. Government is building up new IITs but with no concern to build a Olympics Stadium. We are not even nominated for hosting great events. India's sports needs to distribute its focus on all games rather than spending all on only one sport.

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Uzer Mulla said: (Sep 8, 2016)  
Compare education system of China with India, there is lots of difference in the case of sports. In China, every student should choose 1 sports in which they have interest. After that, they can do a career in that sports.

But in India our education system not giving that much importance to sports but to academics.

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Scared said: (Sep 3, 2016)  
6 million people and one bronze and a silver. I don't think we need to blame your parents for insisting us to do what they want us to do. It's simple they want our future to be secured. It would be them who will get hurt seeing their children with their dreams broken.

Now talking about politics in sports. If politics is removed from the field of sports then I think there are hundred and thousands of Sachin, PV Sindhu, Sania mirza that we can get from each 'gully'.

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Deepak said: (Sep 2, 2016)  
There are many reasons for the poor performance of India in Rio Olympics. In India, there are a lack job securities so youth invests most for their time in pursue of academics and in job seeking. Parents do not allow their children to take the risk. Another reason is a lack of expenditure by central and state governments on sports. A report by a parliament panel reveals that central and states both spends only 3 paise on an average on a person per day for sports while the USA spends a whopping 22 Rs a day per person.

Most of the people are fascinated about cricket because of high money and fame in cricket. Most of the sports in which India is good are not the part of Olympic-like cricket, chess, kabaddi etc. There are some social hindrances also like girls are restricted to take part.

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Jnaneshwara G K said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
In other countries like America by participating in sports one can survive due to plenty of opportunities (NFL, NBA, WWF, Boxing). In India it is worthless. Nowadays few coming up they are like IPL for cricket, IHL for Hockey, IBL for Badminton. I hope there should more for other sports as well like wrestling, gymnastics, shooting, archery, swimming. TV anchors should bring out super talents like dance show or India got talent in the stage for sports also and should encourage to get into sports by awarding them. It is not to blame parents. Politician son goes to politics since more money involved, actor son goes for movie acting since it gives money. So encouragement should come from childhood. Doctors son will choose MBBS to take care original Hospital. So all village young people should encourage by giving good sports facility, since forming with sports have a good combination for a healthy body.

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Akhil Sood said: (Aug 23, 2016)  
Hello, friends.

Six billion and one bronze. There are several reasons for this.

- First one is that the total population of a country doesn't have any relation with Olympics medal. What really affect it is the part of the population that actively participate in sports activities.

- In India, the academics is given more importance than sports. We have many good universities but very few good sports universities.

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Gaurav Hk said: (Aug 14, 2016)  
In games world talent supplemented by support then only luck glitters and becomes the gold, yeah gold medal!

Anti-sport mentality of Indian parents and very poor sports youth-talent execution in schools as one or two games options with poor playgrounds is major factors of not giving a chance to a deserve child even who has hidden talent for a particular sports event.

So, show off comes only as rich families children entered only as their amusement and no real dedication.

On another hand, by mistake any talent rose up to completions remains undernourished as corrupted bureaucrats as well officials over them who only enjoys their family trip abroad over sports fund in the naming of players are going with them. In fact number of officials over to a number of players going in abroad games.

So a fine and transparent system with required infrastructure to be maintained and to hone the hidden natural talents with parents mindset as their child will make a glorious career in so and so sport because of so and so talent.


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Jenito said: (Jul 24, 2016)  
This is the most important topic that should be discussed in the today's IT world.

In our country children are not given freedom to choose own career starting from their childhood, Parents are insisting their dreams to their children so that they are not given a chance to share their views about their career.

Schools in India are mostly private, for producing good results, students are not given to express their talent.

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Anand said: (Jul 7, 2016)  
Hi, my dear readers!

Six billion and One Bronze is a good topic to discussion. In my point of view it absolutely correct. In our country parents are not encourage to participate sports that're our Indians mentality. Parents think only.

My daughter/son will be settle in engineering field or doctor field extra but no one think to settle in sports. No role in the education system to sports and our Indian politics are not good don't encourage to sports that is why our situation is like this. If above problems are solved then Indian sports will be good.

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Samara said: (Jun 18, 2016)  
India has a population of 6 billion and is hardly able to secure a single bronze medal. It's not because our country doesn't have talent. This is due to following reasons:.

> Our education system doesn't permit us to take out some time for sports. Parents want children to concentrate on their studies rather than on the sport.

> Our country is lacking behind in proving good facilities and coach to the sports person. It doesn't have much money to invest in sports because major chunks of money go into the pockets of corrupt officials.

> Because of lack of facilities, domestic players are unable to compete at international level.

> In India, cricket enjoys a special status as compared to any other sport. In spite of hockey being our national sport, cricket enjoys a special position. That is why our country is performing well in one area and is the worst in the rest.

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Mahi said: (Feb 25, 2016)  
India is the largest population next to China in the world. Lack of economy in India in fact more corrupted. Major problem in India is not being good at Olympics, talent persons not showing in right areas, proper mentor in the direction of sports.

Other reason like resources, infrastructure, will resources are provided some many talented persons does not how to utilize it. In the fields of sport some high officials does not know sport, thinking that playing politics higher position.

While govt provided money for sports but higher officials corrupted. Not only government but also peoples much show interest in sport. The best solution is encouraging the talent persons & remove the corrupt in the Field of sport talent persons make try it do more hard work successes in olympics.

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Aditya said: (Sep 25, 2015)  
Yes this is important topic to be discussed. We have many talented people in all fields. But the problem lies in the fact that importance is given to one sport mainly cricket. Of course we should encourage cricket but at the same time we should give equal importance to other sports also. We can't forget or neglect our national game 'Hockey'. Its sad that almost all from young generation prefer cricket first than others. Young generation should know more about all the games other than cricket in India.

And also I think lack of coaching cent res in India is the main reason for this. Because many poor children are really good and talented in sports but due to poor coaching they could not show their talents at the higher levels and shine.

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Aditya Kate said: (Sep 25, 2015)  
Hello friends!

Six Billion and One Bronze, these five words speak the current condition of India in commonwealth games. When a small boy/girl is studying school their parents focus on getting them good marks in exams rather than cultivating his/her hobbies in sports. As people want their children to be doctor or scientist or engineer rarely parents support their children for sports. They just end up the conversation saying "It's not your cup of tea". This improvisation should be done by Indian Education System by adding sports as a subject and encouraging students for participating in every sports.

Another problem is that India is obsessed with cricket those parents who encourage their child they want them to become a cricketer. In commonwealth games only 2 swimmers are sent for representing India! this is a brutal truth. As cricket has got fame and money involved in it, so everybody wants to be cricketer. After Mr. Milkha Singh there has not been a single person to continue his victory streak. After cricketers retire they still get into limelight with commentary or something like that but does anyone care when a gold medalist of discus throw retire. They live an ordinary life inspite of giving so much to team India. Indians love to play football then why are they not participating in FIFA representing India?

On those five words anyone can give a lecture of two to three hours but there should be some steps taken for prevention of it.

Thank you.

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Rishi Rajat said: (Sep 12, 2015)  
Hello gentleman.

The primary reason for the poor state of the nation in sports is the apathy on the part of the sports governing authorities. One key reason for that is most of the top positions in such authorities are occupied by bureaucrats rather then those who knows about sports. This results in very poor coordination in top level and the grassroots level sports authorities.

Lack of funds is invariably cited as the prime factor. But the fact that no amount of funds can be adequate for the purpose due to corruption in these bodies. Lack of proper infrastructure is another factor. The qualities of grounds in India is generally pathetic. This is because they are not conditioned regularly to be in the best shape. Any money if apportioned for the care and up-gradation of the grounds and stadiums does not reach its intended target.

Lack of motivation among players is another factor in India other sportsmen than cricketers are paid peanuts. The media is also to blame for the poor condition of games and sports in the nation sports other than cricket rarely get adequate coverage.

The whole scenario points to the flaws that are hindering the progress of our nation in the domain of sports.

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Abhay A said: (Jul 14, 2015)  
Dear friends, in a nut shell I can conclude that the degrading in the sport persons performance is due to multiple things.

1) The very first being the miserable politics of our country.

2) The second being the economic condition of our country.

3) The inclination of a sports person towards the glamorous world (Advertisements etc).

4) His own zeal (enthusiasm) to play.

Guys there is not one factor that affects their performance but all the above given points affects a sports persons performance.

Thanks a lot for reading it patiently.

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Nikitha said: (May 21, 2015)  
Yes I do agree that our govt is not encouraging sports.

Basically our Indian mind set is that, most of the parents think that we have only one career option and that is studies, most of the parents give a lot of emphasis on study they don't even bother to think about sports they just regard it as a cheap thing or it is something that we should not take it as our career, but now a days they are lot of educated parents who are giving importance to sports also and they regard sports as a upcoming career option and expelling in sports is not an easy thing at all it requires lot of physical and mental stamina and lot of dedication and hard work and efforts to be put on to it.

Coming to the point why they are only bronze medals in spite of India being second largest populated country. Leaving all these things that : govt is not encouraging sports; political involvement in sports etc etc. We should stop blaming all other factors first sports men and women should have keen interest and should have tremendous zeal to work hard and their will power should be high to excel in particular sport. India is lacking in sports is due to lack of efforts and patience by the players there is no proper dedication towards the sport.

There is a quotation that "WHERE THERE TS A WILL THERE IS A WAY".

So finally I conclude by saying that if you have real will to succeed in life you will definitely achieve your goal. So lack of concentration is the main reason is what I feel.

Thank you for reading with a lot of patience.

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Niku said: (Mar 19, 2015)  
The prime reason for such a disappointing figure for medals despite having second largest population in the world is the lack of funding for sports other than cricket due to which these sports cannot avail a good quality coach and proper training. Also choosing cricket as an option is always safe and lucrative option in India.

The main problem is also that what will be their source of Bread and Butter after olympics as the tournaments for sports other than cricket are not done at regular intervals and they have to do some other part time jobs or business for their survival.

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Karhik said: (Mar 17, 2015)  
Apart from the political disturbances and other related areas the present age youth are accustomed to facilities and are lazy. They are over addicted to smart world which also plays an important role. We must also try to inculcate the habits of playing outdoor games right from the school age.

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Yashas said: (Feb 17, 2015)  
Guys, stop blaming our country's economic, political, or social based issues. It is the personal interest which brings a person to whom he wanted to be. If he/she interested in sports let them bring their talent like Milkha Singh and prove their best.

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Shalaka Giri said: (Feb 3, 2015)  
Hello everyone, I think constantly low performance of our country's players is due to the mixture of problems like filthy politics, the parents' mentality, meagre health and sport opportunities, and the list goes on. There can be one more reason added negative impact some players are leaving on the people.

Now-a-days match fixing and betting on games is a common trend and well-known players are getting involved in these activities and this might be responsible for looking sport with a suspicious eye.

And the possibility could be that many people have an inclination towards the sport and have right traits for taking our country to the new height but they are not getting opportunities and facilities.

The thought should be given that countries with less population than that of ours are getting good rankings in games. Some points should be deliberated on and some real reforms are needed.

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Sushil said: (Sep 14, 2014)  
We are second most populated countries in the world and yet we haven't been able to perform the way our counterpart's china has been able to do. How do you get gold in Olympics The one straight forward answer that I see to this is economy of the country. When India competes at Olympics it's more bronze in our medal tally than gold whereas when we compete at SAARC games we top the charts, and we are doing this on consistent basis. So this leads us to the very ultimate solution that if a country needs to be good in games than it should have a strong economy. The neighborhood countries of India apart from china are countries which are going through a lot of political disturbances or are still in process of making, and that is why they don't emphasis on sports and keep political stability as their priority.

In spite of that I don't see why we cannot do well in sports. We are a developing nation and just need to spend a bit more than what we are currently spending on sports. We all might have heard the stories of Olympic heroes and how did they fought the situation and made their way to the top. If small countries can get 5th or 6th ranked in the table then why can't we do it? Providing players with all the necessary facilities that they might require to nourish, and also need to find players who are really eager to perform and represent their nation at international level.

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Harish Bale said: (Sep 14, 2014)  
We all remember that everyone's first friend/teacher is none other than our parents. Most of them don't consider sports as a career option for their children and do not encourage them in that direction. They don't know how sports would be a career option. All citizens should be made aware of the career in sports. They consider sports as a thing just to pass time. We all think education is the only thing for us to excel in life. That's correct but they also consider the interests of their children and also try to find out which suits their children. There are many other career opportunities like music, dance, acting, sports, writing and so on. Parents duty is to find out which attracts their children and encourage them in that direction. What makes their children happy. If they enjoy what they are doing, no one can stop them from excelling in their career. So my sincere advice to all, just observe which is the interest of your kids from childhood. Medals will follow automatically.

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Kunal said: (Aug 14, 2014)  
We cannot ignore our money minded government but there is one more factor taking india's sports level down and that is the internal politics taking place in the various sports departments of our country. Which includes various components like red-tapism, favouritism, biased judgements and many more. Due to which various non influential sports persons are bound to bear the results in this so called popular nation INDIA.

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Rao Lax Yadav said: (Aug 9, 2014)  
This is really a good topic for discussion, the problem with our country is corruption, involvement of politicians in sports. Their are three things which should be transparent and these are- money, politics, sports.

Politicians should not be allowed to take decision on their own in choosing the player to play at international level, procedure should be transparent, deserving sportsman should get chance.

Money earned from cricket like game should be shared in other sports, so that every sport can get a chance to prosper.

Education system should provide the facility for sports.

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Atul said: (Jul 6, 2014)  
Hello friends,

According to my point of view, there is no proper infrastructure and facilities for sports person in India and they do not get proper treatment after injuries.

There is no any particular scholarship for sports person.

The tendency of people about sports should change. Then and then only, we will win more medals for our country.

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Sravya said: (Jul 3, 2014)  
Hi friends,

I think for this there are two main reasons among them first is lack of exposure to the most talented people who are in remote areas and the other is the politics in the selection of candidates which is why the parents whose children are quite talented are not coming into sports because they don't have any political help so they don't want to risk their child career. There may be other reason also which is ours is a cricket mad country so people won't even follow other sports.

So finally if we can keep the selection process free of politics then parents will feel secured about their children career and encourage them to go into sports. This must be done because ours is a country which has a vast talent its getting wasted so now the time is ripe to do everything to stop that.

Thank you.

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Debjyoti said: (Jun 25, 2014)  
In India the first priority is being given to child's better education. Proper school, proper colleges and then a proper job. No parents in this world want to take the risk of guiding their children in sports as a career. Choosing sports as a career always have the risk of injury and also the life after the completion of career.

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Santosh Singh said: (May 26, 2014)  
It is just because of our system In student life most of the school focused only on study and not give any priority to sports and the students who wants to be a part of sports field don't have any motivation for sports.

One another things is future of olympians too many of the olympic player who strugle in their life now a day and they have no jobs after the end of their sports life and no source of income, our govt. give priority to only those people who is already highlighted and what about those who is not highlighted.

So it is matter of scarring for the parent whose child wants to be a sport person.

It is very easy for us to complain about the inability of our athletes to win medals at the Olympics, but when we have good players from every corner of the country, it is no surprise that nobody takes up athletics seriously.

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Chandrasekhar Meruvu said: (Apr 19, 2014)  
Hello friends let discuss.

First We must point on the current educational system. All private school management and parents are giving their first preference to studies, ok well its not blamable but the thing is they are not considering any other option other than that even in second place 1) studies, 2) studies, 3) studies, 4) studies, . Until our funeral we had to study. That is the main point they are thinking. Now a days private school management are becoming commercial. Schools without playground had no permission to start but they are showing that they had play ground, but the thing is that is not a playground it is parking place of the vehicles.

In future we even don't find players, artists, dancers, painters,.. We only see the educated fools. I promise that I give full freedom to my child.

Thanking you.

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Kishore said: (Apr 15, 2014)  
In my words.

Its only lacking of encouragement from the society and family. Let us see in cricket participating teams is 11 (at most 12). So how will be India as world winner. Its only coming from society encouragement. Sachin gives for India cricket fever so he was getting Bharat ratna. Dhyan chand gives for India 8 gold medals. So he didn't getting at least Padma vibhushan. This is the encouragement in India and with the politics also.

100 jamaica's is equal to one India but in olympics 28 india's is equal to jamaica. Let us remove love in one sporting game. From now on words lets try to love our nation. This is only we will giving for our nation.

Thank you.

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Dheleepan Ravanan said: (Apr 11, 2014)  
This question rises in every youth when Olympics is conducted. Out of six people in the world one is an Indian citizen. This depicts our population explosion. Even though we are six billion in number, we could only get only bronze. The gold which we usually acquire through hockey also gone. There is a champion in every state who has greater capability, endurance but there is no encouragement to those people from the government and they do not bother them.

To people who aspire to be an sportsmen or sportswomen there is inadequate facility and lack of proper training. Even though we play hockey well we lose because of advancement in technology i.e., We don't know to link technology with sports.

At least if we conduct some commonwealth games our athletes or sportsmen or sportswomen are exposed to other countries game, but in that also corruption. Our government doesn't leave any place and for money only they conduct these games. They don't know about basic sports. There are schools which can provide training to the students to the certain level. But from there government has to take measures to bring their talent to the fullest level.

Still now there is no separate sports school where the students can be trained by professionals from all over the world. Hitler to make his country proud in the Olympics gave encouragement and incentives to the athletes who won the medal. But our government doesn't take any measures. Recently, IOC suspends IOA for not conducting election. They even don't know the basic conduct of the Olympics. This is where we stand in sports. Our people are exposed like this only CRICKET is a sport OTHERS are just a game.

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Raghavendar said: (Feb 25, 2014)  
The topic very well portrays the scenario of sports in India. Except for cricket, sports is not encouraged enough as a career in India. This is mainly due to the lack of support.

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Sunny Kumar Sahu said: (Feb 5, 2014)  
According to my opinion.

Firstly, due to lack of role models in our country to encourage different sports is the biggest reason of lagging behind in sports. Up to certain effect media is also responsible for this because they give hike only to the cricketers and have made cricket religion of this billion nation.

Secondly, no encouragement in the form of money, award, infrastructure etc. From the government.

Thirdly, lessons praising academics and against sports are also one of the reasons.

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Nagender said: (Jan 18, 2014)  
My point of view on this topic is due to lack of encouragement from the government India is not performing well in world stage. Government don't encourage sports in our country. Due to corruption and corrupted people in government sports is taking a back seat in India. And one more important thing in our country is that parents don't encourage sports in our country. They think academics is more important than sports. Parents think that sports don't fetch children luxurious life so they don't encourage their children to indulge in sports. And more important thing is that there is nepotism in government sports bodies so their favor their relatives than deserved people.

I think if Indian government abet sports people with enough equipment and encourage them with good environment then only India will be performing better in world stage.

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Alok said: (Oct 16, 2013)  
One of the reason for this that administration which handles all the activities for the players is itself corrupt. Many players didn't get the proper sports equipment for their training which affects their performance. Proper arrangements are also not made for them. Other problems are that many players start using drugs for their better performance which adversely affect their health.

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Vidya said: (Oct 8, 2013)  
Six Billion and One Bronze! This condition of India can be solved by Giving importance to Sports equal to Academics. Importance for Studies in India is so Badly rooted that Sports are considered as waste of Time by Parents. This attitude of parents is again because of lesser Opportunities for Sports and dilemma that their Children may not be able to procure Success and Luxury which they think can be easily obtained being Engineer or an MBA graduate.

Such posts really addresses the problems of Middle class People of Indians which is a Major class.

So if Education system is reviewed with compulsory SPORTS Just like Academics, Eligibility should be assigned for sports to enter the next level of Degree/Standard from the SCHOOL LEVEL, with standardized Amenities Provided in Educational Institutions (only then they should be licensed).

Then Efficient and talented SPORTSMAN shall be produced under the Right guidance from Childhood. When such a SPORTSMEN addresses the Nation apparently He will gain GOLD not just BRONZE. And the Opportunities increases as a result.

This impacts the future generation to get motivated and hence the PERCEPTION TOWARDS IMPORTANCE OF SPORTS changes radically.

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Anand said: (Jul 31, 2013)  
My point of view on this topic is:

We people are only responsible for this situation of India because we choose our leader not in correct way. We leave our work giving just only single vote. A single only participate in voting. Not fight for you. So first correct our government then we could think our position in world. Either in sector it might be sport, corruption.

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Radhika Boyat said: (Jul 26, 2013)  
According to me everyone has to think that this is our country, we have to bring bride to our country. Then only 1 bronze can convert into many bronze and nobody can stop us.

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Pritishree said: (May 28, 2013)  
Six billions and one bronze, has to be, in a country with world's second largest population, talent is obviously not missing! what is missing is the proper scrutiny. Our country needs a proper functioning and autonomous body for all kind of sports other than cricket. Cricket should be given less prominence. Every sport should given proper attention, it's high time that the cricket fever was down. How many of us were actually watching the Olympics and CWG? and to add to it, we had this CAG scam in which number of politicians were charged. Our country has a lot of money and scopes as well, but nepotism and corruption are not allowing them to be properly streamlined. The only solutions out are a proper independent committee and more commitment towards sports.

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Shivam Wahi said: (May 22, 2013)  
"6 billions and 1 bronze" It means that after doing really hard one is getting only few. This topic is not only about our sports but it is about our whole life. As we can see that our country is still developing why is it so.

If we talk about the games and athletics It is not because that we don't have the talent and we are not hard working, It's because we are not given the proper training. From proper training I mean to say that mostly foreigner trainers are present in games and athletics. This causes a selfishness that "why should I train to the Indian team let my country win". So with this thinking in mind these trainers or coaches do not give the proper training to Indian people.

Talking about the developement of our country we are still following the US. , China, Why? because our country is filled with corruption, Big-small, Rich-poor which creates selfishness among people of India. That is why nobody wants that other person gets success. This causes after trying very very hard people get only few.

So to have a developed country we should not be selfish only then we'll get more after doing hard work.

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Ragini Singh said: (May 12, 2013)  
Six billion and one bronze. Yes India is a huge populated country. We have talked about everyone, their mistakes, our mistakes. But why don't we focus on the solution for this major problem where though India is blessed with talented personalities yet is not able to transform itself into developed country. India is having many big bollywood stars, many entrepreneurs, many NGOs are also into an act. They can contribute for the society. They can encourage people to come forward and do something for their country. As a citizen we also have responsibilities.

For the future we are going to become parents of a child. Here its our chance to vow for the betterment of this country. After all its we and our family who is going to reside in this country. We should understand that Indians have such capability that can help them to conquer the world even. Today USA seeks employees from our country INDIA. If we take a pledge that our talent and our skills will be used only for our people then no one can stop to call India as DEVELOPED COUNTRY. As per my view if 6 billion converts to 6 bronze then who will dare to think of attacking on us or competing with us.

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Anonymus said: (Mar 18, 2013)  
After reading the entire discussion all I could learn was many are pointing out the politicians and rest other are talking about the fault in the system, while there is another group who is talking about the game cricket. Here I just want to ask everybody one question, How many of us go out during elections and vote? How do you cast your vote by looking the face of the minister or by looking the work he/she has done? Why everybody is just talking about the cricket game and not about others?

Our ministers are the person whom we choose and its all our fault that Indian political system is full of corrupts and wrong politicians, take an example of country like USA people choose that person to lead them who thinks about the public first and then about himself but here in India the votes are caste on the basis of payment. During recent elections my driver told that he voted for XYZ party cause they were giving everybody who is voting Rs. 500/-, its not his fault here also the fault is ours only cause all the literate people are busy sitting in their ac villa and bungalows and enjoying the money where as the illiterate and poor people are going out and casting their votes.

Coming to games why curse cricket everybody celebrates when India wins a match but nobody even remember the name of a single hockey player, not to forget that hockey is our national game, when we only won't show any interest in games politicians will also play towards cricket cause they know people will see cricket match and they will gain popularity by going and looking into matters of that particular game, and popularity will give them votes.

Returning back to the topic six billion and one bronze means the talent which is present in our country of six billion its just that one person is having the talent to come up and fight for the country India is a leading giant in the software, companies are coming from abroad and taking the talent why that is not utilized in India, India is a land of opportunity and filled with talented people its just that talent is to be nurtured and focused then only India will transform from developing country to developed country and all this can be done only when we have this courage to stand up for ourselves or have this courage to elect the correct person. Think what we are doing and then and only then we will be six billion gold and one.

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Priyanka C. More said: (Sep 21, 2012)  
According to me, we are the one who should go and approach to government about our needs. It s not at all government's mistake. What we really want in our life definitely we will be receiving it. As it says " where there is a WILL there is a WAY". Think yourself in that "ONE BRONZE" place and you are almost there. If people start thinking in this way I believe that there will be more number of BRONZE, and even GOLD.

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Mickey Kumar said: (Sep 1, 2012)  
From my thinking, In India their is a more corruption and this is because of politicians. India has a more talented persons but few come in picture because of lack of encouragement which is necessary for every persons. By the encouragement normal persons can be switched into the talented persons by practicing. But India does not have that environment. Mostly Indian parents desires for their child to be a doctor, engineer not anything else. And during the olympics 2012 their was a few sportsmans achived a bronze medal and not one got a gold medal. This is totally because of lack of encouragement. India government have also selected a persons which is from their kins. So, this is also the cause of lower talented persons. Besides, Indian government should make authority to Respective Indian Sports players to select a person for the respective sports. And there should be a lot of provisions for the player which would encourage to everyone participate in their respective games. And India which we forgotten many games, this would create a interest in every sportsmen and our youth revived their talents.

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Atul said: (Aug 25, 2012)  
India leads in population but is in bottom of medal tally. Who is responsible for this? we people only, we talk about India's poor show in olympics but how much we encourage it. We even don't know about much games other than cricket. In our country sports is not given equal respect as studies. From beginning our parents, school doesnt give much emphasis on sports as to studies.

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Pratap said: (Aug 20, 2012)  
As we have all ready seen most of the topic have been covered by my friends, but there is one important thing that has not discussed is media coverage. We usually see media does not give much attention to other sports comparatively cricket. So media has very important role in promoting other sports. Its all because of media vijender singh, abhinav bindra, etc they came in lime light. They inspire people to join particular sport.

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Chandrasekar Kalasalingam University said: (Aug 1, 2012)  
Six billion but one bronze. All due to us. We are responsible for that. Not only us INDIAN GOVERNMENT also. Parent always concentrate their child in studies. They didn't encourage their child to participate in sport. Off-course some of the parent will encourage their child to participate in sport. And they playing for INDIA.

We have to take our own interest to participate in sports up to that you can blame others. Sitting at home and critizing is very easy one unless we play there.

Government is also major fact for this. They are not giving fair amount of salary for those who plays for India or for their particular state. They didn't coach their players well. No need of foreign coaches required. Indian coaches are well enough to train.

Government should support them. Bichung bhutia (former Indian football captain) said "India in football world-cup may happens after 800 years from here". There are lot of young talent in India. The Government and their parent should encourage them.

In china, America& Australia etc there are separate schools for gymnastics, swimming and some other sports events. They practice throughout the day (24*7). So they bags lots of medal in Olympics. Indians too had lots of talent. And they will do it for India.

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K.Abraham said: (Jul 29, 2012)  
If at all if there are was a sports like corruption or how to excel in politics India would have bagged the maximum gold. The politicians do not encourage or care for for sports. Proper infrastructure is not provide and the Sports Authority do not have people who have any background in sports. Everyone sits at the top for money.

Foreign coaches and also proper training is not provided at the highest level except for cricket. Of late a foreign coach has been provided in hockey and it is providing results. This itself is a lesson to be learnt by our authorities at the highest level. There is no lack of talent in a country like country like India there is a huge population of six billion people. If India is excelling in cricket then that person is applauded. I do not why foreign coaches are not provided in other sports and foreign physios.

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Chandana said: (Jul 20, 2012)  
All which we thing will not happen. All our youngester wish to be like a hero in the world like sachin tendulkar, yuvaraj singh. In our school girls are not getting their chance for any of their competitions. Live about girls, what about boys only one single team for cricket. First our government should have some knowledge in other sports our than cricket yet many of us don't know more information about cricket. Some things that when some guy spins the ball towards a guy he just swings the bat and when ball is flunged in air another guy will catch it some of them things this way. All should be changed in our country. Only one thing we can do is to pray to god that some miracle will happen in our country.

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Arvindh said: (Jul 14, 2012)  
A very good topic we must analyze. India have a large pool of talented players in all forms of sports but why India is last at Olympic medals tally is a big question that is run in our mind. It is because of Indian politics plays a vital role. No proper coaching for good players and not proper encouragement to all our athletes. This is major reason that affecting our Indian sports. Our sport policies taken by govt must be change this will help us to improve our sports condition well.

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Abhishek said: (Jul 10, 2012)  
First of all I would like to say please don't blame politician. It is our fault. Why we voted them. The second thing is please stop blaming others for wrong reasons. If you have the will power you will get what you want. And the third thing if we want to change the system then we have to change ourselves first. We should promote our child whatever they want to do. Don't force them and don't discourage them. Encourage them in their likes.

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Shreshtha said: (Jun 17, 2012)  
I think We should not blame government, its one's individual effort. Problem arises in our family. All parents want to make their child an engineering, doctor not a sportsman and this discouragement from their own family not let the talented child or sportsman to achieve their goal and win hundreds of medal.

Encouragement and support from family as well as others are also important to motivate the talented person.

Sometimes due to financial problem also the poor children cannot able to reach and participate the national level competition even they are talented, so here Government has to provide some facilities and infrastructure for the poor people.

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Vinothkumar said: (Jun 16, 2012)  
Ya I accept of all your points, in reasoning in Punjab our favourite cricket player Yuvaraj sing was affected by a cancer is all we know, the Punjab government give the money for is treatment, but the same Punjab girl (athletic) affected by cancer, who's for is play for is state and our national the government thus not give any congestion or money to the girl for treatment. Hear we note one point the person who know the situation only to solve the problem, the politicians thus not know the games, but our Indian players are how to find the good and well players for games, so the the sports committee are organised by only the good players in all sports and that committee thus not under any government. That only we make shine in our sports, and also our encourage is also important.

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Nayeem said: (Mar 21, 2012)  
As an Indian we should first draw a thick line between politics, money and sports. To bring every thing on right track, politics, money use and sports should be very transparent. Until these three things are not transparent and free from money flood, we should be ready to accept such result.

Let me now discuss these three majors are getting mixed with each other and how can we avoid it into three points :

1. Politics : There isn't any thing left like patriotism in politician now. Money is all which is driving all our politicians (vote for money is recent major scam). There is huge influence of politics in sports too, due to which our true sportsmen are missing. Politician plan well not to promote good talented, but their own kins. Also, sports management and conduction has merely became a another way of filling pocket in quick time (CWG the recent scam). Now the question is how can we over come from this curse.. Answer is establishment of transparent policies, and selection of sportsmen should be through that channel only (example : there should be an independent body which should select and promote deserved sportsmen like Election Commission where govt. can't do anything)

2. Money : Money should be used in its best possible way. Money earned from Cricket must also be shared with other sports in creation of other sports infrastructure, payments for sportsmen. We know that India has most revenue from Cricket, but money earned from it should be shared in other sports. We have to think in all directions in all sports bodies.

3. Sports : We as Indian should think in giving respect and support for other sports also, so that our players in other sports get encouragement. Also, we should change our angle of thinking towards hard work. To defend this hard work point i would like to ask a question, why indian batting is far better (one of the best in world) than indian bowling? Answer is : we don't want to do hard work. Right from childhood we appraise a player who hits a six, but give very less appraise ( or I can say nil) to a bowler who has sweat a lot to take a precious wicket. So, in India every wants to become batsmen but nobody wants to become bowler. We want everything without doing much effort.

To summarize my view all I can say is until unless we bring a lot of changes in view and approach we are not going to get anything except this result of one bronze being world's second largest in population.

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Muthu said: (Jan 22, 2012)  
I can surely say, that cricket is not the main reason for not getting good players on other games, there are still many talented youth bloods are there to make our country proud in sports, the only thing is. How much people are supporting and encouraging that particular game, and if likely politicians donate something to the athletes and other sports persons. Surely this can change.

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Utkarsh Maurya said: (Jan 20, 2012)  
The politicians and the sports policies of India are the root cause of this. Some days back, there was a meeting at Indian olympic association to discuss the preparations of the upcoming olympics. The meeting was conducted for full 6 hours and only one sentence to the meeting agenda was said by an officer. "hum achha perform karenge". The whole meeting was full of politics and everyone there was more interested in retaining their posts. This is just a small example. This careless attitude towards olympics is the root cause of our humiliation there. Besides this, there are not state-of-art training facilities.

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Saibhushan said: (Nov 17, 2011)  
Hi to all, and i'm happy to discuss on this topic.
First of all i want to say don't blame our country and our politics.
because we are the people who elects our politicians,the first mistake is with in us.
and second thing is that
do we really encourage olympic's?
the answer is in your silence.

Till now any government of india announces single np for any hockey player and its our national game..
it is very sad to say our hockey players get RS/2100 per match and our cricket player will get 2 lacks per match.
Unless we don't have certain encouragement WE WONT ABLE GET SUCCESS IN LIFE.

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Tani Ray said: (Aug 21, 2011)  
This itself shows that are "system is just not happening"! if you see the olympics medals tally India is way way behind. Other sports apart from just cricket should be taken seriously. Hockey for instance is our national game. Don't you think it should be changed to cricket rather. Why is that only when somebody bags a medal that then he/she is highlighted? abhinav bindra was showered with money after his victory at the olymics. But he is already such a rich guy, why spend so much on him?ther are so many poor athletes who need sponsors. Do they ever get it?the government should really concentrate on the struggling athletes, they should be given proper ground to nurture there talents. Proper coaching should be provided. If this done properly there may be a day soon we see India rising up at the medals tally.

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Raman Jain said: (Aug 10, 2011)  
I also believe that this is an important area to be discussed. Prima-facie I also thought that the reason why India is not being good at Olympics is because of the fact that Indian talent is unable to find the right place, right infrastructure, right mentor who can provide right direction. But when I gave a second thought, I found that the resources are available in abundance, the problem is with the utilization of these resources. If we say that finance is a major hurdle then it would be wrong to say so. The reason being the today India has a great Tax Collections, it has huge forex reserves and many more. But the problem is with our political system in which corruption has got its deep roots.

At once I thought why this corruption has got such a place in our country, society or even in our lives. After analyzing for long I found that it has got such place because its the way one could get MONEY in a quick time. But then the question comes why do we need this quick money. The reason could be COMPARISON.

We always get into an unwanted race of proving ourself better or superior than others. And when we find that we are behind, we start taking shortcuts to succeed. And slowly, this leads to a path which at a later stage is known as CORRUPTION.

So to end up this, I can say first we should change ourselves and rest will be done by our acts.

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Rajat Arora said: (Aug 7, 2011)  
Its very shameful to say that India won just a single medal. There is not a lack of talent in India. As we can see in cricket so much talented players are there (sachin tendulkar, rahul dravid, m. S dhoni. ) why?resion is facilities provided to them!

As in olympics abhinav bindra won a gold medal by getting a good training from his coach. He is a rich person but not every talent of India is rich. I think that is the resion of india's pitty position in olyampics.

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K. Karnani said: (Aug 7, 2011)  
What I believe is that at present there are many talents in India but they are not able to participate at the international level just because of financial conditions. It was in the past that parents did not allow their children to participate in sports and aim it as his/her carrier. Today even parents are encouraging their children to participate in sports and other extra curricular activities along with studies. It is just because of money they are not able to disclose their talent I n front of the world. Even though India is a developing country and there are many millionares or billionares like Mittal, Ambani, Tata, Birla, etc. Still the poor are poorer. So, the talent cannot come forward. Thus, the requirement is that all the Indians should get united and try to encourage talent and help those talents who have financial problems so that India can also compete with the rest of the world and be in the top position.

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Amalkiran said: (Aug 5, 2011)  
India is next to china in population. Even small countries are able bag the medals, its quite embarazzing when India bagged only one bronze medal. Whose mistake?its the selection committe?, or pollitics? or lack of talent in india, I feel it a pity to tell its only our dirty politics. Even though so many resources are present the respective ministers are not able to regulate them in a proper way.

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Saku said: (May 5, 2011)  
One of the nice topic, it must be discussed in every field. Our country has large population and so many talented persons are there. But one thing is that every parents give much attention to their children's study but noone can give scope to their children for sports. If govt give some special attention to sports from primary label then parent and media all give attention towards the sports.

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Vikas said: (Feb 24, 2011)  
In this materialistic world everyone thinks about money and they want to invest or want to sponsor only those sports and game which in return give them a huge profit.These people doesn't understand the spirit of the game and feelings of the players and society that's why the real talents are not discovered from this huge populated country and those players can't perform well in the international games........

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Riti said: (Feb 2, 2011)  
In my opinion we are the nation of the billion but at the time to get the medals we are fail behind this their are several reasons to led down the growing players. Mostly when a good players want to become international player in their sports he does not have enough capital to buy a expensive tools because most of the sports tools are to expensive they can't afford these tools.

The another reason is that most of the parents in India want their child become become engineer, docter, lawyer etc. They treated sports as a hobby not as a carrier. They think that their child want to go to spoil her/him future in sports then they do not allow to play any sports yo their child.

But when we talk about the other nation which have a population half of less then the India. They doing well in sports because in that nation sports is treated carrier and the players are indulged in their sports from the childhood that why they are getting medals and that makes a large differance.

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Kailash Singh said: (Jan 13, 2011)  
people does not have passion and craze for other sports as they have cricket.The reason is ,other games are not well promoted in school and collages properly.As result a few people gets success and that too bronze.
The other reason is that we could not produce success in other games so they automatically not admired.

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Sameera said: (Dec 30, 2010)  
Yes this is important topic to be discussed .We have many talented people in all fields.But the problem lies in the fact that importance is given to one sport mainly cricket.Of course we should encourage cricket but at the same time we should give equal importance to other sports also.We cant forget or neglect our national game 'Hockey' .Its sad that almost all from young generation prefer cricket first than others.Young generation should know more about all the games other than cricket in India.

Even medias are giving importance to certain games only.They should also treat all games as equal for the growth of other sports in our country.Young generation always find a glamorous world in many sports.So all medias should equally popularize all sports here in our country.

Another point is lack of infrastructure provided to other games.Financial support for other sports is less when compared to others.This also include lack of coaching centers and good trainers for other sports.Even the sponsorship given to other games is less when compared to cricket.

Most of the young talented guys in other sports are from financially poor background.they are not able to go forward due to this.Fair financial support should be given by the government to overcome the problems faced by them and to go ahead.
In context of commonwealth games which took place recently its clear that there should be good governing board to promote each and every sport ,or otherwise this will all end up in political game,thus badly affecting growth of sports

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Ram said: (Dec 21, 2010)  
I think lack of coaching centres in india is the main reason for this.because many poor children are really good and talented in sports but due to poor coaching they could not showcase their talents at the higher levels and government should take necessary steps to overcome this.By providing good coaching centres with well trained coachers will definitely improve the talent and skills of poor children who are willing to come up in sports.

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Sudhakar Mishra said: (Sep 29, 2010)  
Why to blame politics after all they are from within us. Not from out side. One side we say politics is corrupt and keeping blaming but other side what we do to stop it. Today if we are not getting reputation in international sport world than Blind Professionalism is responsible for than not our political system.

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Karishamasadhana said: (Sep 23, 2010)  
Its really an integral topic to be discussed as we are in edge to conduct commonwealth games. We have a lot of young emerging talents. The politicians who are at the top of the sports bodies needs to be eliminated, who are not having any sporting background. The talents from poor background should be encouraged and given opportunity to represent our country. Here we are celebrating cricket which has lot of sponsors. But we fail to give importance to our national game hockey. Which polluted the India's global image during the hockey world cup.

The talent should be given preference. Rather than to any other background. If we could give importance to every sport means India will certainly add more golds to its tally. In the coming Olympics. And any other global tournaments.

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Deepak said: (Aug 27, 2010)  
I agree with Tasneem. This is the fact in India that noone wants to make his/her career in Sports except cricket because they are not earning money for them. And this is common human psychology that we don't want to do that thing in which we are not getting any results (in terms of money). So for it the Government should make the sports field remunerative. In it media should come forward to make others sports like our national game i.e., Hockey popularise between youngsters and personalities from glamour world should also come forward to encourage youth for sports as today's youth idolise them.

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Saurabh said: (Jul 25, 2010)  
Ya its a really a sad story that a country which ranks 2nd in terms of population in the world just brings one medal in the Olympics.

This is mainly because of lack of infrastructure being provided for the development of other sports besides cricket also people should turn their attention to other games rather than cricket and also the media should play a important role in the promotion of other sports.

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Tasneem said: (Jul 14, 2010)  
This is just like the question, " Which came first, the egg or the hen?" as we can neither blame the politicians or the sportspersons. Politicians are more concerned about their party and votes. On the other hand there are only few daring youngsters who go for sports as their careers. In India, any sports other than cricket is considered as waste of money, time and life by many of the parents. They always want their kids to become engineers and doctors. Children who are good at sports are discouraged by their parents. The worst part is, when a person faces all the ordeals and determines to come up as a sportsperson, there would be no sponsors for him at all.

Recently, a young tennis player got a chance to go abroad and play tennis but the passport authority failed to provide him with a visa.

So, we cannot blame a specific group of people for the lack of sportspersons in India. Instead we can encourage the upcoming talents and expect them to bring glory to India in various sports.

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Sengottu said: (Jul 13, 2010)  
In india having more than 100 croces but no one get their medal in olympics. In our school life particular person only able to participate in games.. bcz they are frequent contact with physical dept so they select and went.. Dis way happen in college life..

Many students having talent but there background is poor..

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Amrinder Singh said: (Jul 6, 2010)  
Don't blame only the politics. We are lacking of winning youth in our country. Hard Determination to excel has vanished from their mind because of Hip Hop and Western Life Style ( only followed in Dressing & odd Relationships). Rememnber Great Milkha Singh, P.T.Usha, Dhanraj Pillay who just kept working hard to make it.

We can donate to Swamis and Deras but cannot contribute for deserving sportsmen at our level where politics has nothing to do with. We also have to take the responsibilty as politicians do not increase the population at 1 child / 2 second. We have to blame ourseleves that increasing population is snatching sources and opppurtunities.

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Vignesh Bharathi said: (Jul 1, 2010)  
This is really a good topic to be discussed .Our country has large number of youth but one gold in Olympic. It does not mean that there is no talented persons. The reason is that their talent is not used properly. At present if we take the sports famous personalities like Sania, Saina, Naren and others, they have a good economical background, hence they go up easier.

There are many champions in our country among us and their economy is very bad. Suppose if they come up by adjusting the situation, the next one is our politics and politicians.

The higher officials in the field of sports are person who dont know about sports.If the situation changes we will be the toppers in this field too.

There is another way also the famous sports personalities can sponser the juniors who are economically bad with full interest and skill. If they do so we can achieve in sports also...

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Prabhakaran said: (Jun 28, 2010)  
Yes. In India every sports club having president, but if you see his sports background definitely it will be zero because they are politicians. They doesn't know anything about the game but they selecting teams. They give importance only to their friends and other party members.

The best solution is eradicate politics from sports and give importance to talents, then definitely six billion people 100 golds.

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Ramanthan. T said: (Jun 11, 2010)  
For this topic I would blame Indian politics, because we are having more population, more brilliant people than so many countries. But our Indian politics is going back of money. So we lost so many medals not only in sport and other too. If they all working for nation and not going back of money our India will be the first in all the place with in a year.

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