Is India ready for Electric Vehicles?

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Lalkrushna Kolhe said:   3 days ago
Hello, everyone.

I'm Lalkrushna.

According to my perspective, Yes, India is now definitely ready to implement Electric Vehicles all over the world.

Everything has its pros and cons, as in today's era our surrounding is very polluted. So, EVs can help us to make a little bit of change to make the atmosphere pollutant and we are ready to accept this situation. Now our country has made the high capacity batteries which are to be used in that of EV's so the capacity of the vehicle is increased and they are more efficient also.

But the cons are there are no more charging stations available to use in the rural areas. So we need to consider this point also.

Thank you.

Saurabh Kumar said:   4 days ago
From my point of view, India is still not ready for EV vehicles because in India energy and electricity consumption is a very big concern because still there are various villages where electricity isn't available sufficiently whereas if we want to make a charging station for e vehicles is very inappropriate as well as making or planting of that much electric vehicles charging station may lead to very high cost. So maybe India will be ready within the next 3-5 years for electric vehicles if India focuses on power generation from renewable resources.

PRANIT TIROLE said:   5 days ago
Hello Friends.

In my opinion, e-vehicles are important to reduce co2 and it's very beneficial to our environment. At present, fuel costs are increasing day by day that's why it's also good for our financial savings. And if we compare, e-vehicles to engine vehicles it has lower prices and also lower maintenance cost.

In the future, E-vehicles will be upgraded and come with many features and also less price.

So we should understand the benefits of E-vehicle for the environment and for us and use it.

Khan said:   5 days ago
In my opinion, India is ready for EVs.

It's better for IND which reduces the fuel.

And demand will increase to EVs it was wrong that it should be sold in sim low rates.

Its price was greater than our fuel prices and the EVs have some disadvantages that it doesn't have any sound while the EV running time you can't find any sound at night time it's difficult there having chanced if accident.

Logeshan Sakthivel said:   1 week ago
In my point of view, Electric Vehicle in daily use is a very important one to reduce (Co2) effect on our environment we use of e-vehicles helps to reduce costs basis also, due to the present increase in fuel prices.

Prashant Mishra said:   1 week ago
Good evening everyone.

In my point of view, for the topic of whether India is ready for EVs or not is that India is not ready the complete transition from fossil fuel vehicles to EVs. The reason is that India doesn't have the infrastructure for manufacturing EV cars. As India majorly depends upon the import of Lithium. Secondly, EVs also need energy to recharge Nowadays, India is facing scarcity of electricity. These are some major problems that India has to overcome.

Ritika Agrawal said:   1 month ago
Hi, My name is Ritika Agrawal.

The topic given to us for the discussion is "IS INDIA READY FOR EVs".

In my viewpoint, it is a topic of current relevance and It's a big yes that India is ready for electric vehicles.

EV cars include lower running costs, environmental benefits, and reduced dependence on foreign oil.

Some insurance companies offer special EV car insurance policies that provide coverage for battery damage. It also offers add-on covers such as personal accident cover and third-party liability cover.

The government of India has also introduced the income tax section 80EEB to provide tax incentives to electric car buyers. Electric car buyers are entitled to tax exemptions up to 1.5 lakhs on the loan amount.

Our India being an emerging country is adopting an EV car as a primary source of transportation.

Nishant said:   1 month ago
Hello Everyone.

India has a great future in the field of Electric vehicles but I don't think we are completely ready now. Recently India discovered 5.9 million tonnes of lithium in Jammu and Kashmir but having lithium and using lithium both are different things. We need a proper infrastructure for making lithium batteries but we have only one infrastructure that is yet to be completed we also need infrastructure for recycling lithium-ion batteries, and skilled labour for making these batteries. In spite of having less lithium compared to some other countries, China is not one in order to produce lithium-ion batteries, so the question is, how could China achieve this? The simple answer is because of the infrastructure and skilled labour China has.

If we want to become ready for EVs we have to work on infrastructure and have to develop expertise in order to produce lithium-ion battery in India.

Preethi said:   1 month ago
Yeah, in my opinion, the Indian government is ready for the introduction of e-vehicles because of the greatest technology in the automobile industry. As we are one of the developing countries in the world we also have an idea of introducing e-vehicles and in order to introduce such vehicles, our government has also planned to restructure the ways of transportation.

One of the major advantages of e-vehicle is that it reduce the pollution and also increases the electric power production in the country.

ANONYMOUS said:   1 month ago
Yes definitely, India is ready for EVs.

We see in India, every year there are more than 1 million EVs are sold. The government is trying to promote EVs. Gov. Started to build futuristic projects like 4 to 6-lane highways with 1-2 lanes for heavy EVs like trucks, and buses. In Gujarat, Gov. Replace all public transportation buses with EV buses, now we can also see EV auto in many states, in Gujarat Govt is giving 70% subsidies to install solar roof panels. So production of the electricity can increase. In India, new reserves for LI are now found in J & K as well as Rajasthan too. Govt is not taking TAXs to buy EVs. So, now India can reduce co2 emission by 37% till 2030 as per the NITI Aayog report, as a result of this we can decrease the petrol and diesel use by 150 mega tones. There are many startups started based on EVs and EV charging stations now.

EVs are quieter (as result of low noise pollution) than normal IC engine vehicles and have more torque as well as pickup. By TATA customers only reduced co2 emissions and save 2. 5 L tones of co2. Many companies are now launching EVs like mahindra& Mahindra, TATA, OLA, Ather and many more. The cost of the ev is also now being reduced and people are now replacing vehicles by EVs.

But, some disadvantages are also there in EVs like safety, charging time, range, and power stations. Here we have to improve with modern technology. But if we use coal to produce electricity then there is no such meaning to use EV. Our goal is to reduce the use of fossil fuels but as of now no good results globally. We have to use minimum energy to Li battery production.

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